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It got somehow no synergy with itself.
I mean: when do you need lands most? When you don't draw them. But when you don't draw them, this card won't give you any lands either. Also, late game it does pretty much nothing.

Early game it's not bad, but it's a bit unreliable.
Posted By: majinara (5/24/2010 3:37:34 PM)


@Ajani_is_da_man: your average rating per comment is lower than MasterOfEtherium. Lower than MasterOfEtherium! You oughta be proud of that, son, thats a hard feat to accomplish.

The card isnt bad and really good in landfall decks. It can make landfall abilities trigger thrice. That's 3 4/4 green beast tokens for Rampaging Baloths, 3 more creatures on your side of the field with Roil Elemental, 9 life gone from an opponent and 9 +1/+1 counters withOb Nixilis, The fallen, and three more exiled creatures with Admonition Angel. No, not a "bad" card. Not a bad card at all.
Posted By: HellkatOverlord (10/8/2012 10:51:40 AM)


Today I gave one of these to the girl I love.
I told her I was "giving her my heart." She thought it was a sweet gesture.
Posted By: ToidiDiPuts (10/23/2009 1:09:20 PM)


It's a really, really poor man's Primeval Titan.
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/21/2011 11:45:17 AM)


Forest, Llanowar Elves (2 mana)

Forest, Llanowar Elves #2, Khalni Heart Expedition (4 mana)

Forest, Harrow, Nature's Lore, pop Expedition, Llanowar Elves #3. (10 mana)

11 mana on turn four. Mind you, it's rather far-fetched, but awesome all the same.
Posted By: Azazyel (5/11/2010 6:56:11 PM)


It's a good card, but it requires a very specific deck build. 3,5/5
Posted By: True_Mumin (9/27/2009 3:24:51 AM)


Good for a landfall boost, but generally by the time you have had 5+ lands hit the table you don't need more that much. Fetch lands help it a bit though.
Posted By: Nighthawk42 (9/29/2009 11:16:08 AM)


It's worth running both this and Harrow just from the point of it's one more card to have ready to "fire" rather than trumping Harrow.
Posted By: Lestat13 (9/28/2009 9:28:01 PM)


I have more than a few places for this. I want several.
Posted By: Zulp (9/28/2009 11:09:50 PM)


it doesnt say your battlefeild can you cive the lands to your opponent? (for landwalk or lavaball trap)
Posted By: evenblackerlotus (10/9/2009 10:27:18 AM)


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