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Liliana Vess ultimate + Fallen Ideal + Bitter Ordeal + Whispersilk Cloak.
Posted By: IncrediSteve (3/29/2010 7:47:54 PM)


Even if you have no combo in your deck whatsoever, this is still a fantastic creature. Almost every opponent has some kind of tutor and/or land acceleration that will hit this thing at least 2 or 3 times.

Really nice effect for a 1-drop, particularly with the Merfolk clan attached to it.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (4/29/2010 6:57:56 AM)


good with portent.
Posted By: redmagic123 (3/28/2010 3:07:04 PM)


So you could make a deck that forces the player to search a lot but then they just kill the creature and your deck does nothing, oooooorr, you could make them think your deck needs it so they waste a removal on it.
This guy makes a great decoy and if they are running fetch lands, harrows, and expanses, then even better.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/20/2010 8:15:00 PM)


Yay for Boggart Forager! :D lmao
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (9/28/2009 12:12:12 PM)


this is hilarious, there are now more rare merfolk in standard then either common or uncommon.
Posted By: Gezus82 (12/13/2009 5:24:51 PM)


Hahaha! Amazingly funny design. That's right, punish those rich bastards for playing with their playsets of fetchlands!
Posted By: True_Mumin (9/26/2009 1:10:03 PM)


I'm particularly fond of the idea of using this with Roo***er Thief since neither is a particularly bad choice for using in an aggressive merfolk deck alone

much <3
Posted By: Latronis (10/19/2009 3:13:19 AM)


Specific Card Combos: Gomazoa, Path to Exile, Polymorph, Soldier of Fortune, Boggart Forager, Oath of Lieges, Ambassoder Sphinx and Maralan of the Mournsong.

Mechanical Combos: Cards that search your opponent's deck like Thought Hemorrhage, Lobotomy, Roo***er Thief, Bitter Ordeal and Extract.

Good Against: Rebels, Fetchland, Specific Card Cycling, Tutors, effects like Ponder, anti-rezz effects like Progenitus

Hurt by: Mindlock Orb (Although mindlock is a good card to include in this type of deck to stop things like your own Path to Exiles.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (10/9/2009 3:41:18 PM)


Boggart Forager or even Soldier of Fortune is just HILARIOUS with this card! Sacrifice Boggart, shuffle their library, +1/+1 on your Trickster. Soldier of Fortune? Pay one red, tap get another +1/+1. A 3/3 creature on your 2nd turn? Or even a 4/4 on your third. Also, it makes those Terramorphic Expanses a little trickier to sac, unless they do something fast about this card. A;so, try making them suffer even MORE by putting an Archive Trap for searching their libraries. Tisk-tisk...
Posted By: Jokergius (10/9/2009 2:52:47 PM)


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