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These pieces of crap wiped out the merfolk? The merfolk on this plane must have been weak. Really, really weak. No, weaker than that. Even weaker. Keep going. More. No, more. Look, we're talking chimney imps and wood elementals for superiors. They were weak!
Posted By: Laguz (10/23/2011 8:12:45 AM)


Flavorful, but bizarre and mediocre at best. No one wants to catch this thing as a 1/1.
Posted By: Auteur (12/9/2009 10:17:07 AM)


This card brings forth my love of wacky Counters, and boy, Tide Counters have to be the wackiest yet. 3 for a 2/2 that spends half its time even worse and the other half of its time mediocre just isn't worth bothering with, though I'm sure there's some crazy counter-management combo that could be used to keep it at its best. Best thing to do is summon it hoping your opponent gets confused by the constant counter flipping and changing effects.
Posted By: GradiustheFox (3/8/2010 7:03:51 AM)


Back in the day, managing all of the counters on this card made players really crabby.
Posted By: SkaerKrow (12/23/2011 11:44:47 AM)


Sacrifice him to Culling the Weak
Put out Phyrexian Obliterator!

(come on, it sucks.)
Posted By: blurrymadness (3/9/2013 2:39:47 PM)


Bouchart, the phrase "if there are four counters on" is ambiguous. It can mean "if there are exactly four counters on" it, or it can mean that it is true that there are four separate counters on it. If there are five or six tide counters on it (say, due to Doubling Season), then there are still at least four separate tide counters on the card, and all are removed. Which why cards are good to say "exactly" when they mean exactly.
Posted By: longwinded (2/4/2011 3:15:30 PM)


Ebb Tide Homarid 2U
Creature - Homarid
At the beginning of your upkeep, if Ebb Tide Homarid has less than two -1/-1 counters on it, put a -1/-1 counter on Ebb Tide Homarid. Otherwise, remove all -1/-1 counters from it.
Posted By: Rudyardo (7/31/2011 11:37:15 PM)


The Legendary.
Posted By: Crag-Hack (6/19/2011 3:47:48 AM)


da-da chum da-da-chee
Posted By: PEVE_O (8/16/2010 11:19:53 PM)


If there are more than four tide counters on it, it's just a 2/2 creature with a bunch of useless counters.
Posted By: Bouchart (9/26/2009 6:28:36 PM)