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Notice the flavor text. Kill first, pray later.
Posted By: SorianSadaskan (1/24/2010 10:29:21 PM)


Absolutely awesome in my Knight of New Alara deck!
Posted By: gongshowninja (2/9/2010 5:13:28 PM)


i like using this, esper stormblade and knight of new alara in a bant deck
Posted By: froggytherock (5/29/2010 8:10:31 AM)


Sweet art. And just silly with turn-1 borderpost.
Posted By: CityofAs (8/9/2010 8:04:44 PM)


Knight of the new Alara sidekick...ops it`s a 6/5 first striker ...who is the sidekick now
Posted By: Iiory (7/26/2009 12:40:59 AM)


The whole blade cycle is truly amazing for commons. In this block, they're basically 3/2 2 drops with useful abilities across the board. Nice to see good, powerful commons like this. 5 stars.
Posted By: asmallcat (6/18/2009 10:14:52 AM)


this is of the cycle the most powerful, considering that Steel of the Godhead, Shield of the Oversoul, and Favor of the Overbeing are all able to be dropped onto this turn 3. the worst of those 3 is Steel, because without vigilance, the sureblade has no use for first strike
Posted By: darkfury (8/12/2010 5:54:06 PM)


Oh gawd.
This+Favor of the Overbeing

Fear my 5/4 flying, vigilant, first striking BANT SUREBLADE!
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (1/20/2011 12:23:05 PM)


Probably the most powerful of the cycle, which really says something because they are all playable for limited. My personal 2nd favorite.
Posted By: Zeranox (6/5/2009 9:27:51 AM)


Agreed, this card is actually way more nuts than people realize, considering the set it's in is nothing except multi color cards. A turn 3 bant sureblade with a shield of the oversoul attached is a 5/4 flying indestructible first striker. Steel of the godhead its a 5/4 unblockable lifelink. I'm not even sure what would happen if you had something like a beastmaster ascension go active and a lot of these blades on the field, deadly I'm sure.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (11/7/2009 2:57:01 PM)