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the extractor mixed with the eldrazi spawn is a combo that will leave you laughing maniacally, and a suspended greater gargadon never hurts
Posted By: Kerchoff (6/1/2010 1:36:44 PM)


i like the fact that his ability also triggers with bouncing/flickering effects, that's really exceptional. it was likely designed like that since they wanted it to trigger on Unearthed creatures as well.
Posted By: Mode (1/30/2009 12:11:50 PM)


Does a flying 5/5 negate the NEED for a mill strategy? I suppose you can mill yourself and create an endless stream of unearthing.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (1/31/2009 4:48:18 PM)


The reason this card has the mill effect is because there are other card in the pack with the same unearth mill capability. I love this deck. It a swarm, overpower, mill deck. My 3 favorite things.
Posted By: VampLoliRenji (4/9/2009 2:22:49 PM)


it would go well with mortivore the get 1/1 added on for ever creature in everyones graveyard and the remove from play regen so someone discards the cards from some decks and if there creatures it will power up mort even more
Posted By: ChaoSamurai (7/21/2009 1:27:00 PM)


The first ability has never actually helped me mill a person to death, so I'm pretty sure that this guy is like a milling lord. (I know, there's Sedris...) However, I like him just because he's a 5/5 fatty flier with Unearth just for six mana. He's my cheapest demon in my demon deck.
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (9/25/2009 4:58:24 PM)


i like to use him in my demon/zombie deck, bring out 1/1 then kill them
Posted By: jar_jaR_blinks (1/6/2010 3:26:14 PM)


The milling ability is there so that you mill yourself and put into your graveyard more creatures with unearth. It works a bit like the old Tombstone Stairwell + Altar of Dementia combo in which you mill yourself to generate lots of zombies next turn.
Posted By: DrJones (2/4/2010 4:41:30 AM)


w00t black miller
Posted By: Guntz1092 (2/28/2010 7:49:48 PM)


this guy works wonders in my blue/black mill deck hehe. and he looks bad@$$
Posted By: iNathan (7/25/2010 9:13:18 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!