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You are comparing an uncommon with two mythics. Yes, rares and mythics sometimes suck, but rarely if ever to the level that an uncommon would be better than one. This card should at least get a 3/5 because it's middle of the road - it's a decently costed creature for it's abilities. At worse you could say it would be nice for it to be a 3/3 instead.

Not all cards can be Baneslayer Angel. Yes, if I had copies of BA and this I would run BA instead, but not everyone is lucky enough to pull one or ready to spend more than $20 on a single card. Not to mention that aside from the rarity and price difference between Admonition Angel or Baneslayer, they have completely different CMCs. This could be played for 4 or 6 or 10 depending on how much life you need to survive until the finish. I myself have played plenty of games where my opponent and I were rushing each other and a little life gain would have changed the outcome of the game.
Posted By: sarroth (9/11/2010 9:33:09 AM)


I wouldn't go comparing commons with mythics either, that's just ludicrous.
Just compare it with something more in it's league like say Serra Angel (or something else, I'm sure people can come up with more realistic comparisons for something like this).
There are legions of angels out there. Angel of Mercy, Angel of Light, Starlit Angel, Tormented Angel just to name a few.

The card is not too bad, but in my angel deck there isn't really room left for her (and I have 2 mono-white angel decks). I already have a bad time trying to fit in the new ones. Or I might as well just collect them for fun, just for the heck of it.

Cheerio ! :D
Posted By: Nuclear_Pony (4/26/2010 1:17:41 AM)


Here's a thought, give it a good multikicking and combine with Felidar Sovereign.
Posted By: count_dorku (6/5/2010 9:11:22 PM)


Not as bad as people make it out to be. Yes, it's kind of expensive. No, it's not a goddamned Baneslayer! But how many times have you been in a situation where you could've won if you'd had just a few more life to take whatever your opponent(s) hit you with?
Posted By: Diachronos (9/1/2010 12:37:45 PM)


This card is good for limited. It's not meant for constructed.
Posted By: Fanaticmogg (2/5/2011 3:40:17 PM)


I'd think it is more fair to compare this to azure drake and the like. Pretty reasonable card then.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (7/14/2011 12:26:52 PM)


This still isn't a great card, but when this guy dies you still have the life, unlike Baneslayer Angel, so it's not a completely worthless card. Plus, not everyone can afford Baneslayer Angels, and they might go out of standard anyway if Wizards doesn't reprint it.

And competitive players and wanna-be competitive players seem to have the mantra "life gain is worthless." Life gain is not worthless, it's just a bad strategy to focus a deck on (in most cases). Life gain added to a card with other functions, like Faith's Fetters, or Absorb makes for a very solid card that helps buy you a little time without having to let your position suffer, assuming the card is costed well. That's what this card is supposed to do, even though it's slightly overcosted, but the lifegain multikicker is not a nonfactor at all.

Personally I'd rather play Serra Angel or one of the many other non-50 dollar 5 CMC angels, bu... (see all)
Posted By: SleetFox (2/23/2010 12:52:38 PM)


Great multikicker ability, but it's difficult to kick with its high initial cost. a 4-kick with Archon of Redemption for 10 life is no joke, however. And late game, it can damn well save you from an impossible situation and gives you a way to survive and make a comeback.
Posted By: DonRoyale (1/29/2010 2:01:01 PM)


yes,but this guy cost less than a dollar and baneslayer cost,well,a lot for a thing it can be killed with anything...

man,spikes never change....
Posted By: Layton (2/6/2010 1:18:36 AM)


this was one in the first deck I ever made it got pulled out rather quickly but I did like it at the time.
Posted By: dragonking987 (3/29/2011 9:25:21 AM)


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