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Early game it's a Gray Ogre with better tribal interactions. Late game it's a reuseable Lava Axe. I say it's good.
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (8/24/2010 7:08:02 PM)


With Goblin Chieftain out this turns into a 3/3 haste. And late game its a finisher. Nothing wrong with this card 3.5/5
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (5/6/2012 11:20:44 AM)


Something like Tap: Sac two goblins, deal 5 damage to target player would be much better. 2.5/5
Posted By: Kryplixx (7/21/2009 4:59:57 PM)


we have a guy in our playgroup that loves flamewave and he uses these as well.
Posted By: thaviel (3/11/2009 9:09:01 PM)


I can sort of see how this card could be pretty useful but it has its downside

for example...

A) If your playing a goblin deck, have a nice amount of goblins already out and have plenty of mana to use his ability either next turn or pretty soon after...then it could be a pretty nice damage dealer

B) If you get it early on, say the first few turns and dont have alot of mana at them time? Its pretty much a bench warmer in your hand =P
Posted By: Synnestro (6/24/2009 8:19:34 PM)


Actually, I run him in my Artifact/red deck. Mostly huge colorless ramping with a deadly Masticore and several deviations of Blaze for 15 points. When I have the downtime with mana, just pop in an extra 5 or 10. Of course, you have to understand I run at around 15 mana by turn 5 usually.
Posted By: Dalit (9/29/2010 5:04:37 PM)


is not good 2/2 for 3 mana and have to use 8 mana to deal 5 damage xP
Posted By: necrohack (2/9/2009 7:13:19 AM)


Well once your hand is empty what else are you doing with all that mana?
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/26/2010 6:26:55 PM)


Of the Invokers, this guy's ... not TOO bad, I suppose. Play him early-ish, then let him sorta sit around ... if you make it to turn 8 in a red deck, 5 damage SHOULD be enough to finish them.

Still. Crap.
Posted By: TherealphatMatt (8/26/2011 7:34:51 AM)


Play him with Adaptive Automaton and Master Biomancer.
Posted By: Taudisban (9/4/2013 9:03:06 PM)