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Actually, real-life Man o'Wars are not true Jellyfish...(is shot).

Very nice card though. Control plus a body in one cheap package.
Posted By: TheSuperbloop (7/2/2010 12:55:47 AM)


A very nice card! I don't think that's so overpowered that couldn't be reprinted. Someone told that it's too good against aggro, and that gains a lot of time, but isn't this the point of a controllish creature?
However, it's a good design: simple and effective!

Posted By: leomistico (2/1/2010 4:28:04 AM)


This is possibly my favorite creature in the game. The option for blue to gain some tempo by forcing your opponent to re-cast the creature and putting a blocker down for later use, is just amazing. Of course, it is great because of it's mana-cost and it's power/toughness.

I really hope WotC reprints this card with the same art (love it too) or maybe new art by Puddnhead. It would probably be an uncommon though.
Posted By: SweetZombiJesus (11/8/2010 8:33:39 AM)


@A3Kitsune: Not a 3? Not 2U, but apparently 1UU is viable even at common.
Posted By: Cyberknight (6/29/2010 7:30:08 AM)


Jellfish Tribal is now possiblol!!!
Posted By: Superllama12 (5/12/2011 12:47:51 PM)


Goes in my hyphenated card deck.
Posted By: azure_drake222222 (2/2/2013 8:53:56 AM)


So these are what Venser, the Sojourner is holding!
Posted By: Leumasd (3/2/2013 6:49:18 AM)





Posted By: http404error (5/15/2011 9:17:45 PM)


Grizzly Bears + Unsummon in one card is allways nice!
Posted By: Magasul (12/12/2009 2:43:26 AM)


Only 3 mana to drop a jellyfish and then to have it bounce right back into your hand?
Wait, with Aluren you can do it for free? Endlessly?

How did wizards know my favorite thing in the world is endlessly bouncing jellyfish? I don't even need to make it part of a combo, I just want the simple pleasure of playing catchball with a semi-sentient creature.

For trully endless fun, play against an opponent who also has a man o' war or aether adept. Endless bouncing for everyone!
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (1/17/2011 3:52:21 PM)