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Vedalken Abiter: No, Morph is not an activated ability and does not use the stack.
Posted By: DrWorm (1/9/2011 8:54:57 PM)


Am I the only one who really liked the morph mechanic? Having your opponent second-guessing you on what you played adds a whole new layer to the game, and it gets even more psychological on game 2, when they're trying to figure out which ones are which.
Anyway, that morph cost is steep but it's worth it. If you can cheapen it or flip and unflip it regularly (try Ixidor, Reality Sculptor or Ixidron, for instance, or copying it with Vesuvan Shapeshifter), you can severely lock your opponents' creatures down. Remember, it affects all opponents!
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/3/2012 11:43:46 AM)


One of the most fun things to combine with Vesuvan Shapeshifter. Make all your opponents skip every untap step for 1Blue every turn? Yes please!
Posted By: WhiteWizard42 (9/8/2011 6:12:36 PM)


Pretty good finisher if hes still alive near the end.
Posted By: 2ndchance (11/29/2009 4:04:28 PM)


Does Training Grounds work to flip him for cheaper?
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/24/2010 4:26:23 PM)


Very powerful card. His mana cost is high but this isn't a good card to play early anyway, so who cares?
Posted By: Mackaywarrior (7/19/2010 2:45:05 PM)


Very expensive morph cost, but it's basically like an uncounterable extra turn, so I'd say it's worth it.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (11/17/2010 12:39:49 PM)


Initially, morphing a creature looks like an activated ability, but...
It doesn't have -(cost):(effect)- in its errata, so perhaps not?
I'll have to check the comprehensive rules.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (2/17/2011 3:34:27 PM)


I love morph and hope we see more in the future. If you're building around morph, Brine Elemental works very well as a win condition. flip him back and forth, or copy him with the Vesuvan Shapeshifter and you end up with a one-sided stasis. You won't make any friends, but it is powerful in multiplayer. With morph your opponents won't even know your combo pieces are on the board until its too late.
Posted By: Enelysios (11/3/2013 5:41:48 AM)


For it to be an activated ability, it would have to be worded as such:

Morph (You may play this creature face down as a 2/2 creature for {3})

{5UU}: Turn Brine Elemental face-up
Activated abilities are defined as having a cost separated by a colon.
Just, you know, if anyone was still confused
Posted By: shotoku64 (12/6/2013 11:53:29 AM)