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Don't Daze me, bro!
Posted By: 001010011100101110 (9/14/2011 2:17:38 PM)


This + foil in hand = fun
Posted By: IshubarashI (6/21/2010 11:00:14 PM)


Of course, the over-confident control player across the table from you doesn't like when you Daze their Daze.
Posted By: Joseph_Leito (7/13/2011 10:45:05 AM)


"Someone explain why this card is still all the rage. ... I suppose IF you get to play first turn of the game Daze works, but otherwise you'll now be 2 lands behind on your opponents turn 3. "

In the right decks (ones with low casting cost creatures and spells), being behind one land is a minor concern if you can counter a T1 or T2 threat that would otherwise have cost you the game.

For example, if this made a comeback in Standard, people would actually have a chance to counter a T1 or T2 Delver of Secrets. I'd rather be one Island down than have an early 3/2 flyer breathing down my neck for several turns.
Posted By: Kragash (6/29/2012 7:55:08 AM)


ohhhh pretty lights
Posted By: rinoh20 (12/18/2010 9:17:03 PM)


It's so fun to play this with Rhystic Study.

Me: "I see you left one mana open. Do you pay the extra 1? You will notice that I'm tapped out."

Opponent: "Hmm, yeah. What else am I going to do with that one lousy mana?"

Me: >: ) "It was probably a lousy spell in the first place."
Posted By: Lyoncet (6/20/2011 8:07:36 PM)


Daze and Force and Misstep! Oh My!!!
Posted By: The_USAgent (6/23/2011 6:33:00 AM)


the beauty of this card, is that it's absolutely fantastic, even when it isn't played.

this card can really break an opponent's early game (e.g. dark ritual + phyrexian obliterator)and 80% of the time they won't see it coming unless they've played your deck before. even if you can't use it, it will force your opponent to have a more defensive playstyle, which blue likes.

additionally, this is great fodder for a force of will especially late game, when your opponents can have excess mana

Posted By: andoroth (8/3/2012 2:15:34 AM)


If {1}{U} will get you a counterspell unless they pay {3}, and {U} will get you a counterspell unless they pay {2}, then {0} will get you a counterspell unless they pay {1}. FOW is just a hipster.
Posted By: KazTakari (4/28/2013 12:04:54 PM)


I hope this REALLY gets reprinted. I'm in love with this card. If your deck has Daze, opponents will never relax and just tap out carelessly. It always keeps them guessing.
Posted By: True_Mumin (6/17/2009 5:47:44 PM)


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