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Woop now my bearenstine bear deck shall destroy all under a tide of hair and claws
Posted By: ThaBishop (6/22/2010 2:08:54 AM)


The first time my friend showed me Magic he had a Grizzly Bears, and then I thought " What is wrong with you WotC? Why so unoriginal?" I stopped playing Magic. When M10 was released my friend showed me Runeclaw Bear and I was bursting with excitement.
"Bears become stronger because of magic," I thought "that is the coolest idea I have ever heard!"
I went to the bank and cashed my check from Walmart. I spent the whole thing on M10 boxes. Sure my kids couldn't eat for two weeks, but I had Runeclaw Bear .

Mechanically Runeclaw Bear is Awesome! I have gotten one out as early as turn 2! It combos with Giant Growth to make a even bigger magic angry bear. I recently bought a bunch of Muraganda Petroglyphs because that is another way to make Runeclaw Bear amazingly strong.

I have seen other competitive decks use cards like B... (see all)
Posted By: PEVE_O (7/8/2010 11:52:16 AM)


Silvercoat Lion is a de***ion, its a prized white lion worth far more on the black market then a regular yellow one, thus our new yard stick to replace the Grizzly Bears of old, no magic involved. on the other hand, the etched runes on this bear has caused it to gain strenght and size, meaning this isnt actually a full grown bear. its a 1/2 without the runes
Posted By: darkfury (9/17/2009 6:51:24 PM)


There is just a visceral familiarity of grizzly bears that feels good. Runeclaw bear? Why are it's claws runed? That should be relevant in some way. Vanilla creatures should make us smile by being purely, joyfully easy to recognize. Runeclaw bear doesn't cut it in that category.
Posted By: KrosanGardener (12/8/2009 2:16:21 AM)


The one grizzly ate the other and the extra fat went straight to his paws.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (10/9/2009 12:17:40 PM)


4 of these, 4 grizzlies, four balduvians, 4 ashcoats, 4 bear cubs, 4 forest bears. Is this a deck?
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/13/2010 6:54:22 PM)


Worst flavor / nostalgia / tribute to the game's history change in M10. Grizzly Bears being just normal, non-magical bears makes the bigger creatures even more special. What? Everything's gotta have runes or glowing eyes or something? Sometimes it's just some bears turning sideways.
Posted By: GainsBanding (9/27/2010 2:47:01 AM)


It's Popeye the Bear!
Posted By: Saxophonist (6/11/2010 5:37:37 PM)


"Vee are much better zan zee little puny baybee grizzly bears you are yoozed to. Vee vill crush, und break, und smash viss our rune claws."
Posted By: StreamHopper (7/2/2010 1:08:35 PM)


Ugh, those LEGS.
Posted By: NeoKoda (7/10/2011 3:57:25 PM)


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