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I find it interesting that this is rated so much higher than Shinen of Life's Roar. The Shinen has one less power, but also costs 2 less. It also has the channel ability which may come in handy. Is it just the set that it was in that makes it so much worse? Being a spirit? Being a cat with a human head sticking out of its spiritual shoulder?
Posted By: Elysiume (8/26/2009 11:33:50 AM)


I'd rather play Shinen, thank yo very much.

Oh, and Viniferra gains bonus points for the reference.
Posted By: Snaxme (2/11/2010 2:46:14 PM)


i like to combine this with a Venom or Gaze of the Gorgon or even a blanchwood armor
Posted By: Carbunc (3/2/2010 10:44:49 AM)


you guys make it seem like this card must be buffed up to be of use. its not ment to survive O_O its like chess, the pawns must be sacrificed in order to win, this is the uuber awesome pawn that dominates the field. dont rely on this to be powerful. rely on having over powerful cards. and the reason this card is 4 mana and shinen of life's roar is 2 mana and this one is 4 is not just the mana cost, but the fact that in a standard tournament, you can PLAY this card, not shinen.
Posted By: psychokid121 (3/27/2010 11:32:58 PM)


Toasteroven, you do realize that unless they have a creature that can block multiple then they cant block your other creatures? you cant just say "i'm going to block your other creature so i cant block it" you have to block it. that means that that eldrazi your swinging with cant be chummed by that 1/1 because it is busy trying to catch the unicorn
Posted By: bijart_dauth (4/28/2010 7:23:47 PM)


Shinen of Life's Roar fulfills the same purpose for a much lower casting cost. I'm not sure why Charlie here has to be so expensive just because it has 1 more power.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (9/20/2009 8:32:31 PM)


Green could do with a little Alpha Strike acceptance - considering they're known for their.. you know, creatures.
Posted By: Lestat13 (7/11/2009 2:06:50 AM)


Its a unicorn with a built in Lure ability; its flavorful and mechanically useful in the right situations; whats there not to love about it? Aside from its high cost and low toughness.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/19/2009 6:11:24 PM)


This, a lot of other dudes out, Overrun and ur done
Posted By: Qazior (7/26/2009 2:23:18 AM)


I would love to see more unicorn cards

Maybe even enough to build a unicorn deck

this is a good card just attack with everything you have and because green has such massive creatures they dead
Posted By: ryQle (7/28/2009 1:20:56 PM)