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This card is incredibly useful in a blue/black deck 'cos creatures can be dealt with easily when you're playing black...^^ (and sadly playing a Counterspell can be a problem even in a blue/black deck, even with TWO colors)
Posted By: Schlappi (8/9/2009 3:17:13 PM)


A reasonable card for the mana cost. Fairly handy.
Posted By: sir_dwar (8/18/2009 10:31:20 AM)


in most circumstances with blue/black, I do prefer countersquall for the obvious reasons. However, in a mill deck (which many blue/black are), the life loss is not important, where the ease of casting negate over countersquall (can be paid with UU or UB) makes this the better choice. 4/5
Posted By: Grimn777 (8/19/2009 7:26:16 PM)


Another decent counter. It works.
Posted By: thezanet (2/11/2010 3:18:15 PM)


As my usernamesake card (the awesome Gilder Bairn), my favorite color combonation is {U}{G}. And let me tell you, this card embodies the entire blue portion of {U}{G}. It is easy to cast because it only has one blue mana in its cost, and it doesn't bother with countering creatures because your green creatures can always (ALWAYS) outdo your opponent's non-green creatures. What it does do is protect your creatures from those pesky terminates and doom blades and the like. Yes, it makes your creatures physically powerful, and magically defended, a nigh unstoppable combo.
Posted By: Gilder_Bairn (5/13/2010 7:10:57 PM)


I love having the control of saying "yes" or "no" to my opponents spells.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/19/2009 6:35:13 PM)


I like the artwork. I like Countersquall better, but Negate is a good substitute in Pauper.
Posted By: angelsfire15 (7/29/2009 4:02:26 PM)


This is a very solid card. Not amazing, but solid.

While cards like cancel are more flexible in the sense that they can stop almost any spell. You should never underestimate a card like negate that only requires that you have two mana open to shut down cards like wrath of god, fireball, and traumatize.
Posted By: Silverware (7/18/2010 8:30:10 PM)


I like the card. It is very "core set." That said, why the crummy merfolk belly artwork??? Did they just not have the cash this time around??? Who's the art director around here anyhow? Oh.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (7/11/2009 7:36:43 AM)


Pretty good counter. Being able to counter all non-creature spells (which includes Planeswalkers too) for just 1U is pretty nice. There are always other ways of dealing with the creatures. Being 1U can also be an advantage over Counterspell at times, since it leaves one U open to use for other things. (Transmuting comes to mind)

Posted By: Elthan (5/9/2010 11:31:31 PM)