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A great card, especially in the late game. This can turn disappointing small late game creatures into somewhat more useful bigger creatures, it's essentially . The already combo with persist creatures is also good. Running it with cards that produce more than one creature such as Bestial Menace or Howl of the Night Pack can boost the small tokens by one each, which adds up. A single card combo and incredibly versatile. Useful in almost any deck with green creatures.
Posted By: Temple_Garden (3/15/2010 8:11:43 AM)


WolfBriar Elemental will create 3/3 wolves if this guy is out there doing his thing. Nasty. Oh, and the Elemental itself will be a 5/5.

Thalids are also a great combo, as is virtually any token creation.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (3/3/2010 11:36:33 AM)


Yeah, I wish the cycle from Zendikar was legendary. Mainly because I hate Valakut.
At first I thought maybe they were large areas so you could play different parts of them, but it's just one stupid volcano D:
5/5 though. Green decks have creatures
Posted By: axiobeta (9/9/2011 5:11:09 AM)


No one mentioned Avenger of Zendikar?
Posted By: HellkatOverlord (10/8/2012 5:04:45 PM)


I think this has been over-mentioned, but: Persist Creatures. It's an uncounterable method of "healing" your persist creatures. It's also better than Novijen since it has a cheaper activation cost, is limited to only green creatures (so it's less likely to help out your opponent if you need to activate this during their turn), and gives colored mana (green, which matches with its 2nd ability). The fact that it comes into play tapped is not that big of a deal considering the advantages I just listed.
Posted By: a7141988 (9/27/2009 6:15:12 PM)


Ctrl + P from the comprehensive rules... 420.5n If a permanent has both a +1/+1 counter and a -1/-1 counter on it, N +1/+1 and N -1/-1 counters are removed from it, where N is the smaller of the number of +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters on it.
Posted By: brightblade13 (10/15/2009 11:17:42 PM)


How are this, Valakut, the Molten pinnacle, Emeria, the sky ruin, Crypt of Agadeem, and Magosi, The waterveil not legendary lands?
Posted By: made4ipod (1/20/2011 7:08:28 PM)


unless I am drawing a blank on a rules change, +1/+1 counters and -1/-1 counters cancel each other out, this is why finks and ajani goldmane go so well together, play finks, get 2 life, block, get 2 life, ajani pumps and you repeat until opponent kills ajani or you win
Posted By: Dingo777 (10/2/2009 1:58:49 PM)


Posted By: U-caster (12/31/2009 3:30:42 PM)


@Keino In case you never read the full rules text for persist, your creature don't come back if they've got a -1/-1 counter on them already, so, Serrated Arrows ftw
Posted By: PhagePoker (11/20/2009 10:56:11 AM)