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I play this without hesitation. They're incredibly useful, especially in conjunction with your friend and mine, Death Baron.
Posted By: Zulp (10/15/2009 5:25:09 PM)


I love this card. Its artwork has always been great and its flavor text is one of the best in the game. Even better is when I have 2-3 and a Bone Wall with my Death Baron they become a strong attacker. Such fun.
Posted By: Deathtol (12/27/2009 6:21:28 PM)


One of the first black creatures I ever saw summoned to the battlefield, and still great after all these years. Regeneration is sorely underrated, and they can block mega-sized guys without trample all day.

Combo with green and throw a Lure on it.... drives people insane.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/11/2010 9:52:00 AM)


A fantastic card that can come out very early, and still be soaking damage very late in the game. 1/1 isn't a fair representation of how tough these fellas actually are to kill!
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (9/13/2009 9:46:38 PM)


Wow, the new art is so much better. That armor is amazing.
Posted By: CommandoDroid1 (8/5/2009 5:54:59 AM)


All that armor and he's still a 1/1?

New art takes the title of "Biggest 1/1 Creature Art" away from Waterfront Bouncer
Posted By: RKay (7/20/2009 10:50:01 AM)


Good art, and the perfect chump blocker.
Posted By: Elysiume (7/18/2009 11:30:23 PM)


Just as damage-soaking as ever and the new art rocks!
Posted By: Soul_Shackle (7/21/2009 7:00:58 PM)


Finally some new art. The art that was used for 10th was sorely outdated and old fashioned looking.
Posted By: Oleander (7/11/2009 3:41:47 AM)


outlawD1 makes an excellant argument. for anyone who plays D&D, you know.

also, a great card. many uses. love it in pauper too


P.S. Dear R&D

for (early) Christmas, may i please have skeleton tribal in Innistrad? k, Bye.
Posted By: JoshMagic (5/29/2011 8:08:48 AM)