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I cast Hive Mind + Time warp + Redirect +Twincast + in a 6 player game, my friends declared that i was removed from the game and that nothing i did that turn actually happened :'(
Posted By: Norrinthewary (11/1/2011 1:11:09 AM)


Pair this with Final Fortune. Their copy resolves first. Before your copy resolves, sacrifice a Cursecatcher targeting your copy of Final Fortune. Let the opponent play their extra turn and die.


(More fun than the Pact-based deck.)

P.S.: Alright guys, on my my turn, every time it rolls around, we play 16 subgames. Oh god. I feel like I should click "report abuse." :)
Posted By: Salient (8/25/2011 8:36:24 PM)


4 Paradox Haze

1 Panoptic Mirror imprinted with Shahrazad

This card

4-Player game

Alright guys, on my my turn, every time it rolls around, we play 16 subgames. Oh and also I am running 4 Burning Wishes to pull the other shahrazads that I own that aren't in my library. Did you know that under new M10 rulings if I use a wish in a subgame, it actually gets shuffled back in my deck when the subgame ends? Oh the fun times we'll have! We are going to be playing this one match for HOURS. Unless you all want to just pay half your life every time?

Or yes, I suppose you could punch me in the face. Pretty certain you broke my nose. The pain is tremendous. I think I need to go to the hospital- the bleeding won't stop.

Oh well, you know what they say, pain is temporary- MINIGAMES ARE ETERNAL!
Posted By: allmighty_abacus (11/12/2010 8:08:57 PM)


@Norrinthewary Of course you were removed from the game. That's like twenty spells.
Posted By: Pick15 (5/10/2013 6:48:50 PM)


Does anyone try it with Relic of Progenitus + Paradigm Shift = InstaWin each time in group
Posted By: H0ratius (4/21/2011 12:06:50 PM)


allmighty_abacus: Why stop there? Throw out more Mirrors, March of Machines paired with Followed Footsteps or Rite of Replication... Forks and Reiterates and Twincast and Reverberate.
Posted By: ax_morph (10/9/2011 12:41:12 PM)


Play with Enduring Ideal or other epic cards = Game lock.
Posted By: NaJin (12/8/2011 6:16:42 PM)


If this copies an X spell, the value of X IS copied, similar to wild ricochet or mirari. Cruel Ultimatum would be insanely stupid to use with this. This could be used in a duel as a shield against countermagic, since you can just point every counterspell your opponent casts back at itself.
Posted By: sidchicken (7/28/2009 6:37:46 AM)


Question: If I have a Hive Mind in play and cast Final Fortune, who takes the extra turn first?
Posted By: Bouchart (9/7/2009 9:09:44 AM)


In a game of four or more players, this card turns Fire and Brimstone into a one shot kill. Every player does 4 damage to themselves and 4 damage to the person whose turn it is, for a total of 20 damage.
Posted By: Grumman (12/17/2011 2:05:55 PM)


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