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I want true Indestructibility, something like:

"If enchanted permanent would be moved to any zone other than the battlefield, it isn't."

That works for pretty much everything, right? Also, it's a scary thought and totally breaks the game. But still.
Posted By: zenuedite (8/30/2011 6:28:28 PM)


This is my very favorite art for today...
Plainswalker: "Terror! doomblade! Damnation! Wrath of God!"
Guy: sorry, still here. Not sure how to get out of this hole though.
Posted By: Zoah (9/4/2011 11:44:50 PM)


Play it on your opponent's Abyssal Persecutor.
Posted By: djflo (12/13/2011 3:32:18 PM)


Posted By: ZaisConsultant (4/7/2012 10:27:50 AM)


It's neat putting this enchantment on That Which Was Taken and then putting a Divinity counter on Indestructibility.

Very useful card even if you're not using those two together.
Posted By: Dragonshoredreamz (7/4/2013 10:34:53 AM)



combine with Hight Priest of Penance, use for blocking and destroy your opponent!
Posted By: Simiris (7/8/2013 8:25:02 AM)


I love it! Still dealable as zinifera7 said above: "Creatures with Indestructible can still be exiled, sacrificed, put into the graveyard as a state-based effect for having 0 toughness, put into a player's hand, or put into a player's library."

In regards to enchanting your Planeswalker, it would still die when the loyalty counters are removed down to zero since it doesn't prevent damage from resolving. I think it would only be useful for things like "destroy target permanent" in that case.

But yeah, on any creature this can be trouble. Something with deathtouch? Prized Unicorn? Your favorite fatty? The White Planeswalker Serra Avatar maybe? This is a good candidate for Duress, Pacify, Blinding Mage, Entangle, Naturalize, Unsummon, or the white enchantment destruction spells out there.
Posted By: PrizedUnicorn (7/16/2009 11:35:32 PM)


The art reminds me of every time the dust clears in DBZ and whoever was in the dust cloud was "SHOCKINGLY" still there
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/17/2010 5:38:16 AM)


This combined with Prized Unicorn creates offense that can't be blocked by creatures.
This combined with Palace Guard creates defense that can't be penetrated by creatures.

Whats scary is that white has both
Posted By: threeright (9/25/2009 12:23:15 PM)


Okay here we go.
So you have 2 of these in your hand, A and 2,and a Simic Guildmage on the battlefield. WhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteGreenBlueGreenBlue open.
Enchant the mage with A.
Enchant A with 2.
Use the mage's ability to move A onto 2.
Congrats, you have an Indestructiball!
Posted By: Shadoflaam (12/14/2011 4:41:09 PM)


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