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The most ridiculous part of this card is that it exiles land cards too. Resolving this after a Traumatize (or sometimes even a Mind Funeral) is a flat out murder unless you're playing against EDH/singleton decks.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (4/28/2010 2:37:57 AM)


As i understand it, this card is a mill card that kills dredge at the same time.
Because it exiles the cards instead of just putting them in the yard.

It is one of those milling cards that are strong enough to stand alone in otherwise milling-less deck, where they can serve as alt-wincon. The others are cards like Millstone, Grindstone and Keening stone.

This card doesn't really need a mill deck to function, i might say that B discard or BW / BWU control would suit this card much better. i mean, following a Wrath of god with this card = GG

I will have to leave this card with 5/5 stars, for not being to good. but still good, and quite fun ^^
Posted By: theis999 (7/4/2010 2:49:55 AM)


This card might as well read "If target opponent has five or more nonland cards in his or her graveyard, that player loses the game.".Seriously: most of the time you resolve this, opponents wll just scoop. I'm so glad to see it's back (but I can't say I like the new art). Haunting Echoes - Deliciously Evil! 5/5
Posted By: True_Mumin (7/14/2009 4:33:43 PM)


Graveyard mass effect version of Thought Hemorrage but watch out for Swerves and counter spells that ruin your plan.
Posted By: Demonic_Angel13 (9/13/2009 4:02:36 PM)


The most evil thing about this card is that it's more deadly against combo decks and decks that have a lot of duplicate cards. It's not very effective against your ultra-casual player who has one or two at most of the same cards in his deck.

It also rapes sets of nonbasic lands, if you can manage to get one into the graveyard.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (7/16/2009 11:27:07 PM)


Cant believe I haven't heard of this card until now. Thank you gatherer. Nice in a discard deck. Can be countered, while Extirpate can't, however, its super-sized. Wicked end game potential.
Posted By: Gilgamesh3000 (9/12/2009 2:27:23 PM)


Playing blue/black you can combine this with tome scour, traumatize and Jace Beleran for some annoying fun.
Posted By: ghostie1337 (7/12/2009 5:39:02 AM)


Super-Extirpate! =D
Works great with NayaFog!
Posted By: Martin_the_Warrior (8/12/2009 10:28:05 PM)


Traumatize then this = 'Hey, where did you put your deck?" :)
Posted By: Archangelion (8/1/2009 2:24:23 PM)


A n all around good spell in my opinion. There - now try killing me without your main cheap soldiers.
Posted By: Lestat13 (7/11/2009 1:36:59 AM)


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