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If your deck is red, you need 4. You would need a very good reason not to run them. Kills a high percentage of creatures at instant speed, and finishes people off.
Posted By: Maraxas-of-Keld (12/13/2009 8:34:37 PM)


"You have to help us!" Wizards says, barging in to the tiny office. "Creatures have taken over the game! Elf decks, Jund decks, Fae, Zoo- hyper-efficient creatures and underpriced bombs! You have to stop them! They've killed draw-go, and turned the game into a four-turn clock."
Lightning Bolt leans back a little. Casually, he puts his feet up on his desk. "Well, boy, I can't slow down your game for you. I don't ask questions- players, creatures, it's all the same. But I can make hyper-efficient mid-range creatures look like Grey Ogres. You've seen my work with that guy, right? Brilliant. But you do know that I haven't worked for you in years?"
Wizards lowers it's gaze. "We....we know. But we're desperate. We thought it might not look like an arms race between removal and creatures if we called in past contracts."
Bolt smirks. "Hey. I'm just glad to be back in the game." Slowly, he dons a pair of sunglasses. "Hey, Terminate? Get geared up. We've got work to do."
Posted By: DoctorKenneth (3/22/2010 4:59:50 PM)


Originally Richard Garfield had designed a cycle of cards based on a one for three ratio (Known as 'boon' cycle).

Blue Ancestral Recall (draw 3 cards)
Quickly recognized as broken, it did not see reprint after the 2nd (Unlimited) edition. One should note that Richard was apparantly aware of Ancestral's unbalanced nature, as this is the only rare card in the cycle.

Red Lightning Bolt (deal 3 damage)
Red's card saw reprint up to 4th edition but was downgraded to shock with 6th edition in an effort to balance the game.

Black Dark Ritual (produce 3 black mana)
Dark Ritual's mana speed demon made it to 5th edition before being deemed unbalanced.

White Healing Salve (gain or prevent 3 damage)
White made it to 8th edition but was so under played it was removed due to lack of interest.

Green Giant Growth (+3/+3)
Giant Growth may be the most printed non-land card... (see all)
Posted By: liir007 (10/18/2009 10:17:55 PM)


Three damage for one tiny mana at instant speed, can you ask for more? I think not.

Remarkably this card has currently a 5/5 rating in every edition except for Masters Edition and here in M10.

On the other hand i wonder how you can not give this card 5 out of 5 stars! I mean, it's likely the best burn spell ever printed.
You should rate a card by usability, not determine your rating by whether you like the card or not...at least that's how i rate cards.
Posted By: Mode (8/10/2009 5:09:43 AM)


The flavor text is appropriate, as I'm willing to bet a lot of people felt that way.
Posted By: Azr43l (7/10/2009 9:08:17 PM)


Back by popular demand, from the sound of it.

To our surprise, Wizards responded with a fierce energy we'd never thought to see again.

Welcome back.
Posted By: Salient (8/27/2011 5:02:36 PM)


HAHA!! They brought it back. The flavor text is perfect for this card being away for so long
Posted By: Guest2146443305 (7/11/2009 8:40:34 PM)


Seriously, if you're running red, you're running four of these. No questions asked.
Posted By: faisjdas (2/5/2010 3:32:29 PM)


Poor ol' Shock must be feeling so left out now that Lightning Bolt is back.
Posted By: Sooku (7/29/2009 7:51:47 PM)


i can't believe that they reprinted this card and on top of that this set just boosted red like crazy!
Posted By: animefanboy2005 (9/2/2009 11:12:40 AM)