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This is why allies are ridiculous.
Many of them are well-above the curve even if they are the only ally you play, and if they're just one of many...
It's just a kick in the face for every other aggro deck.

I think I wouldn't mind seeing a straight up 2/2 first strike/vigilance for WhiteWhite nearly as much as this guy.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (3/5/2012 7:21:17 PM)


Too powerful, methinks.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (5/3/2012 12:25:34 PM)


Born of humans. Trained by elves. Armed by kor.
Posted By: Braden_Campbell (3/11/2011 9:28:26 PM)


all i have to say say about this card is wow. I played against it in sealed draft, and it was simply amazing. Do not forget, while first strike is important, that it also has vigilance. It can truly be a trouble for any other aggro deck without another creature with first strike. the fact that it can both attack and block makes the difference from making it a good card to an awesome one. Most of the time, you would have to attack with it, the opponent wouldn't block cause their creature would die, and then you could attack them and make it even. not with this guy. he is well worth the 2 white mana.
Posted By: SwordsToPlowshares (9/30/2009 6:17:43 AM)


Great in an Ally deck or White Soldier Weenie. Such a strong card, possibly the best Ally out right now.
Posted By: theelk801 (10/20/2009 9:33:50 AM)


Bant allies can be insane with Hada Freeblade and this guy. Even one unanswered of these on ally decks can become a serious threat 2 turns later.
Posted By: BelloAbril (2/1/2010 10:48:30 AM)


probably one of the best 2 drops of all time. Up there with White knight for sure. He's good to have in any white weenie deck. I've won a lot of games on the back of this guy with an Armored Ascension on him.
Posted By: Akromar (12/7/2009 2:40:16 PM)


Komarck is a fantastic artist, this one is one of his best
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/1/2011 5:33:27 PM)


First strike, vigilance, ally pump, goggles, five-o-clock shadow AND Final Fantasy-esque chain-sword weaponry for two plains? Timmy like.
Posted By: mflanaga (1/22/2010 5:17:38 PM)


this card is key an any ally or soldier deck... hell, anything that's white can use this. Does and SHOULD see a lot of play.

How I wish there were a goblin equivalent :P.
Posted By: AgesofThunder (11/5/2009 8:34:14 PM)


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