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Pretty sweet if you ask me. Especially with all the new vampires running around in standard.
Posted By: Thoughtmage (10/4/2009 3:09:36 PM)


Markov will be so sorry.

And Necro, that's a helion, not your wild fantasy.
Posted By: SorianSadaskan (3/20/2010 9:07:32 PM)


Everytime AI try to figure out if the card's any good I just get distracted by Shelly Wan's art. I mean a 2/2 for... ooh pretty...
Posted By: TPmanW (3/2/2011 12:11:24 AM)


...and this is why black got Malakir Bloodwitch and Black Knight.
Posted By: makochman (11/6/2009 3:52:22 PM)


apply with generous helpings of Kor Skyfisher and narrow escape and you can do bad things to a black deck.
Posted By: GrantAres (11/27/2009 5:41:27 PM)


Phylactery Lich: "Ahaha! I'm indestructible! Good luck trying to-"
Phyrexian Obliterator: "I am blessed perfection! You can't kill me without sacrificing some of your-"
Kokusho, the Evening Star: "You know what happens when you kill me! Don't even try to-"
Sorin Markov: "All your turns are belong to-"
Necropotence: "I'm on ur tablez, drawin ur-"
Demigod of Revenge: "I'll be right back to enact my revenge on-"

I love interrupting black mages' moments of glory.
Posted By: Laguz (5/14/2011 5:32:57 PM)


"Exile target Sorin Markov"
Posted By: Qazior (10/29/2009 12:25:58 PM)


Away with ye, Sorin Markov! Go back to whatever plane you came from!
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (10/4/2009 10:04:41 AM)


Sorry about your luck, Vampire Nighthawk.
Posted By: touchdown (10/15/2009 8:03:53 PM)


Streamhopper: Royal A-ssa-ssin (curse you yet again, profanity filter), unlike M.C Hammer, can't touch this. The black card targets, and protection means you can't target it. Damnation would still kill it, since it doesn't use "target".

So, Zendicar had very little other colour hate- unlike, lets say, Shadowmoor. And when you see colour hate outside a core set, there's something that should be examined. Of course, we all know this is Vampires. I'm not sure why they were the only real tribal (allies don't count) in the set, but it's obvious this card was made for nerfin' (and that's just what it'll do). I mean, the Kor have a Lord present, but they don't seem to have quite the support that the bloodsuckers do. I'm glad they printed answers, but I think the best answer would be to tone them down in Worldwake in favour of some other strategies. Not to exclude them entirely, obviously, but still. Vampire Nighthawk.
Posted By: DoctorKenneth (12/21/2009 7:46:09 AM)