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I think this card's current rating sits a little low. It is def better than most people think. 5 mana for discard 2 and a 2/2 body? Thats a lot better than Mind Sludge IMO, save for the time you get lucky and buddy has more than two cards in hand.. Evaluating is layers deep. What's going on with your opponents hand by "turn 5?" not a hell of a lot unless they're Blue? 4/5 for Ritualist. I would run him over Mind Sludge any day,
Posted By: Silence9 (2/18/2012 5:08:32 AM)


Ridiculous with Quest for the Nihil Stone and Megrim. It's no Blightning, but when you think about it, 2BBB for Mind Rot slapped onto a 2/2 sounds very nice.

There's better out there, but this thing's a bomb in Limited and it's useful in the aforementioned Nihil Stone.dek to clear the opponent's hand after the Quest goes online when you fire off your Blightning.
Posted By: DonRoyale (1/29/2010 12:38:54 PM)


The only new vampire I considder adding to my vampire-control deck. It competes with Mind Sludge, where Mind Sludge is better if the enemy have 5 cards at hand, while this is more reliable as it will have full effect even if my enemy have only a few cards, or I have mana-trouble.

I am undecided, but I like the concept (and great art!)
Posted By: RHS (1/30/2010 3:20:14 PM)


Nice vampire, very nice.
Posted By: True_Smog (2/7/2010 8:50:16 AM)


Comes with the 'drawback' that most kicker critters do in that its not that hot without being kicked, but a fantastic topdeck.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (2/14/2010 6:46:36 PM)


I think that people are forgeting about CARD ADVANTAGE.

Considering you have the mana, you can just wipe your opponent's hand with 1 card.

Let's say you cam pay 7 for this creature. Now your opponent has 4 fewer cards in his hand, for the price of 7 manas and ONE card.

Think about it.
Posted By: Venshad (1/28/2013 1:51:03 PM)


a useful card, notably for its versatility. Yes, it is not a very efficient creature as a 2/2 for 3 cmc, and yes, it is not as good as mind sludge for the same amount of mana, but if it were as good or better in both of those roles, it would be broken. Not a very fair comparison, but think of cryptic command. Not good cmc at all for any one of its abilities when isolated, it was format defining because it could fill ALL of those roles.

In a vampire deck, many times you want to play another creature to beat with rather than devote the turn to a mind sludge that does not affect the board. Other times, you will have a clear board advantage and want to nullify any tricks they are holding.

Interesting, but I do not think it will quite make the cut.

Posted By: Grimn777 (2/11/2010 2:37:00 PM)


Imagine pairing this with Skull Collector. Every turn, bounce it back to your hand, then play and kick it again!
Posted By: Diachronos (2/27/2010 7:16:14 PM)


hmm, i actually really like this card, its helped me alot in some matches lately, especially when i hace Liliana's Caress on the field.
Posted By: iNathan (8/10/2010 9:45:11 AM)


This is basically mind sludge with a vampire attached to it, and most times by the time you drop sludge, your opponent doesn't have more than 3 cards in hand anyways. If your opponent has less cards, you can scale it back and leave mana open. It's fantastic. 4.5/5
Posted By: Guest643499915 (2/1/2010 7:19:35 PM)