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This card has massive potential on so many fronts. As a 1CC instant, its main ability far outweighs the kicker damage. All the damage cancelling effects in the game just went *poof*.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/21/2010 6:44:37 AM)


Is everyone who responds to nammertime completely batsh-it retarded? Seems as though I'll have to respond to the wave of illiterate:

@esperlord: He specifically said IF PROGENITUS BLOCKS a power 10+ creature and you play this, it will die; which is 100% correct.

This doesn't target anyone without it's kicker, and it doesn't target any creatures EVER.

@KrisKross: Why would it take pyroclasms? If Progenitus Blocks, say my 7 power power kiln fiend (a reasonable choice) then I play this, kiln fiend will become power 10 and his damage will be unpreventable (like all damage dealt for the rest of the turn.) Progenitus will then die.

@Champion squee: three people managed to misread his post or blatently quote irrelevant rules. I'm glad you managed to make it into this category. Again, Progenitus need not be targeted NOR does it require spells to (directly) kill him. See my above example.

Keep in mind too that things like kiln fiend, with a mere 2 card combo can becomes OUTRAGEOU... (see all)
Posted By: blurrymadness (2/20/2011 11:08:02 PM)


Important note:

Will NOT counter/negate damage replacement effects, like Phytohydra or Pariah.

Replacement effects and prevent effects are seperate.
Posted By: Nerobyrne (2/6/2010 10:22:04 AM)


Allright, I've got a question, when you kick this with your Djinn Illuminatus out, is the mana cost R or RR3 ?
I think it's R, which makes some crazy combo (although it takes some time to get Djinn in play...).
Posted By: skew (7/20/2010 10:11:37 AM)


@skew: Good find. I think you're right:

"Kicker costs don't change a spell's mana cost or converted mana cost."
"If a kicked spell is copied, the copy is also kicked."

There you go. I was going to say that Beacon of Destruction was generally better since it can kill creatures, but this has more utility and combo potential, and works better with graveyard effects.
Posted By: achilleselbow (7/25/2010 2:20:30 AM)


Take that, Firewalker!
Posted By: GottaRunGottaRunNow (8/23/2010 2:04:46 PM)


i got to say i like this more then lava axe but im going to miss saying catch to my oppent as i kill them lol always fun to see there mouth drop when u just say catch
Posted By: his00 (10/13/2009 5:12:29 PM)


Instant lava axe or some weird utility seems good to me :D
Posted By: Slavir (9/28/2009 11:25:14 PM)


Best tool for RDW against that pesky Kor Firewalker.
Posted By: ivorythunder (4/21/2010 2:51:44 AM)


unpreventable lava axe, alright, sign me up

@Grimn777: for 6 mana, you can pop your quest, deal 5, make all damage unpreventable and lightning bolt their defender, course, that is only 15 dmg ^_^
Posted By: Dingo777 (10/3/2009 10:13:02 PM)


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