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During the launch party I threw my Spawnsire into a suicide attack, and apparently gave up my only offense to clear his board. I was criticized for losing the Spawnsire without making any real gain.
Next turn, I played this guy. That'll learn them to second-guess me.
Posted By: SocialExperiment (4/23/2010 10:45:35 PM)


I'm with a lot of my fellow commentors here, everyone is talking about the It that betrays eldrazi, but seriously has anyone looked at this card? Imagine your field just got hit by day of judgement. You play this with some eldrazi temples and maybe a left over spawn created by your awakening zone.

You return kozileks predator or emrakul's hatcher, you get a 3/3, a 10/9 with annihalator, and several eldrazi spawn. It's like you never got doj at all. That's even considering that you don't have anything exciting to bring back. Maybe you have an emrakul in your graveyard, or maybe something simpler but still scary like a drana. One of the best combos that I've seen and used so far is to mix in pelakka wurm, gaining 7 life each time it revives with the artisan, and card draw whenever it dies.

@nammertime, you can in ext. with Teferi mage of zhalfir by using the flash ability when its "When" it hits the graveyard affect is on the stack.

@smithney, ok going to say this one more... (see all)
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (5/23/2010 3:11:59 AM)


@TheTraitorKingYeah, I thought about what colors for Eldrazi EDH I should take, and discovered that there are no cards for Eldrazi in blue and white colors. Maybe just Training grounds.
Posted By: Neutralion (4/19/2010 11:58:52 AM)


Ouch. The tempo this guy can give you in EDH is astounding. Marvelous.
Posted By: sir_dwar (5/3/2010 2:30:50 PM)


Compare this to ulamog's crusher: for 1 extra cmc, you get +2/+1, reanimation, and the ability to block. This may be the most mana efficient of all the big non-mythic eldrazi.
Posted By: Laguz (7/7/2010 8:15:55 PM)


guys Donovan_Fabian is correct. emrakul's ability goes on the stack when it's sent to the graveyard, so if u do manage to cast an artisan when emrakul is sent to the graveyard, you simply put artisan's effect on top of emrakul's on the stack. you now have your artisan of kozilek and emrakul.
that said, you can also activate something like relic of progenitus on top of emrakul's ability, thus removing it (and possibly all other graveyards from the game) :D
's just a neat little trick i use against the rather gay legendary eldrazi seeing as i like playing mill often.
Posted By: kittyspit (6/23/2010 5:26:50 AM)


What is it resurrecting? A Pelakka Wurm?
Posted By: Lord_of_Omnipotence (1/30/2011 12:34:43 AM)


I m quite happy with myself.... I made eldrazi's kick ass in 1.5 tourney. Killed off those pesky $500 and up decks. Now don't get me wrong... it is no Rock deck...but it sure does kick ass
Posted By: hedronMatrix (2/5/2011 11:14:31 AM)


Find a good way to play this at instant speed, that way you can dump a legendary Eldrazi into the graveyard, the bring them to the field before the shuffle ability resolves.
Posted By: NecroticNobody (3/27/2011 2:18:07 PM)


I play one of these in my Valakut deck. I remember once I had 15 open mana. I was like TEE HEE
I tapped 6 to play my Primeval. He got canceled. Then I tapped 9 to play this bad boy and played him anyway. :)
Posted By: hatriarch (4/3/2011 11:45:07 PM)