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Traumatize + Keening Stone = Good Game?
Posted By: RedArcher (4/16/2010 2:10:56 AM)


mill decks got a new toy
Posted By: BobTheBuillder (4/16/2010 1:10:03 PM)


I've tried proxying this into a mill deck, and I win almost every time I get it out within 3 turns. Milling 15 cards with hedron crabs, Archive trap, and Tome Scour is easy.
Posted By: statiefreez (4/16/2010 7:06:21 PM)


Won me a close match at the prerelease, my opponent used All is Dust which destroyed my creature with Eldrazi Con***ion along with all my other creatures. He had Ulamog's Crusher out still and I was at 20. Due to the amount of permanents he put in the graveyard because of his all of dust though, I was able to get him to 0 cards in 2 turns.
Posted By: Gallifree (4/18/2010 7:52:02 AM)


Mill decks get this shiny new toy and yet Wizards releases the three legendary Eldrazi. I would love playing this card, yet with almost all decks having either a main deck Eldrazi or at least a sideboard one, I feel as though this is rendered useless. Great card design, but wrong time to be released.
Posted By: Demonic_Angel13 (6/20/2010 3:56:22 PM)


If you get this in a pack in limited: TAKE IT.

This will win you the game by itself, and there's not a whole lot of hate going around.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (9/12/2010 1:07:01 PM)


I love this card so much. I run two in Blue/White control/mill and another in Blue/Black control/death/mill-ness and this is usually what wins the game for me in the first deck. Although it is expensive if you don't have much if any mana acceleration, I find that by the time I can afford to get this out, there are enough cards in the graveyard to win by next turn.

Thanks Wizards :)
Posted By: Heeltoeclutch (5/7/2011 9:53:02 PM)


haunting echoes isnt needed anymore.
Posted By: Rhodestar1 (4/16/2010 2:17:05 AM)


This is a wonderful mill deck finisher.

wait, it's reusable?!

JESUS H. this is nice
Posted By: strigen (4/16/2010 3:21:04 PM)


Well, that's just great. Especially with all these new defensive cards and cards that slow the game down...
Posted By: HippyRei (4/16/2010 4:24:08 PM)


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