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Great Lord Scornful Egotist is crying tears of joy. Finally, an instrument of war that is worthy of omnipotent beings his caliber. T___T
Posted By: True_Mumin (4/28/2010 8:58:03 AM)


Why is this the only Eldrazu spell that's not Tribal Eldrazi?

Shouldn't this be Tribal Artifact - Eldrazi Equipment?
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/19/2010 7:47:38 PM)


Plays well with Gigantomancer
Posted By: LokiGodofChaos (4/23/2010 1:01:59 PM)


Draco. Or scornful Egotist, but I prefer Draco.
Posted By: land_comment (3/26/2011 3:44:15 PM)


Tokens get nothing.
Posted By: blindthrall (4/29/2010 6:11:06 PM)


Just animate Gleemax and stick this to it
Posted By: Qazior (5/8/2010 4:23:37 AM)


Emrakul approves.

(but why settle for anything less than overkill? Just Fling it towards...ehm... your opponent's general direction...
Posted By: Falgorn (8/22/2010 1:33:32 PM)


All those slightly overpriced infect creatures have new purpose, with this on the field.
For an immediate investment of 8 mana, you can get yourself a 6/5 hasty infect creature with Blackcleave Goblin.
Or maybe you would rather have an 8/8?
Turn 4 Hedron Matrix, Turn 5 Scourge Servant, Turn 6, swing with 8/8 infect, and enough mana left over for an Unnatural Predation.

Slow, certainly, but it might be nice for an infect EDH.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (7/4/2011 7:49:51 PM)


goes great in my artifact deck when i use my master transmuter to get a darksteel colossus out on turn 4 or 5 and then play this on it the next turn. swing for a 22/22 indestructible trampler. TAKE THAT ELDRAZI
Posted By: givethepeopleair (4/28/2010 10:28:46 PM)


This actually looks like a good candidate for Khalni Hydra.
Posted By: IncendiarySaint (10/12/2010 9:47:59 PM)


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