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Well at least it has a pretty awesome artwork.
I would have picturized a red Air Elemental like that.
(If the name Storm Elemental wasn't used for some retarded-looking creature, i'd have called this one like that.) But as opposed to the artwork it neither has flying nor haste regrettably.
But whatever, although it can be zapped away in an instant, it does at least have first strike. That does not entirely make up the tiny toughness of course, but with all that red token spells around, it should overall do a good job nontheless.
Posted By: Mode (4/19/2010 9:51:54 AM)


Yeah, this is solid. Spidersilk Net it.

@Mindbend: Just for the toughness. And there are some times you really NEED to block a flier. And fliers' toughness is usually less than his power. And because it's in-block, unlike Slagworm Armor. I'm waiting for a {R}{G} creature than has toughness equal to your lands and power equal to your creatures. Or make it mythic and make it count both sides and you can switch it's p/t for free.
Posted By: blindthrall (5/21/2011 12:20:59 AM)


It definitely needs some more toughness...
Posted By: littlebeast (4/19/2010 1:44:50 AM)


Wow, functionally (not strictly you nubs) better than Keldon Warlord.
Oh wait, only one toughness? bleh it's in dire need of Slagwurm armor.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (4/15/2010 11:56:30 PM)


Why did you guys rate this so low? 0.5 seriously? I had to rate this a 5 just to make up for the retards
Posted By: OutlawD1 (4/16/2010 9:55:02 AM)


cool drop a rancor no this the atack with your swarm of creatures but it would be nice if it were cheaper
Posted By: 18scsc (4/16/2010 8:20:37 PM)


Don't like this one...
Posted By: Scar_Pa (4/16/2010 9:38:07 AM)


@bling thrall

why? you have a frount heavy creture with first strike in a red deck , if your even thinking about blocking your doing somthing wroung
Posted By: Mindbend (5/21/2010 3:54:36 PM)


Love it. Probably useless except for in a token deck, though. I'd put an Eland Umbra on it though.
Posted By: Amnatto (7/5/2010 3:32:38 PM)


Needs more evasions. First strike is QUITE good on him as is, though. I'd rather prefer it for 2Red and it might have gotten away with RedRed at rare. Still goood, and not just for the great art and flavour text.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (10/28/2010 5:26:47 PM)