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The new Fog Bank
Posted By: TreeTrunkMaster (4/16/2010 2:42:47 PM)


Oh the good ol' days, Wall of Shadows and Wall of Vapor. You kiddies just don't know how good you have it, cheaper, bigger, and it has flying...

P.S. Some one else has already mentioned Fog Bank.
Posted By: ajpinton (5/4/2010 3:25:59 PM)


This just begs to be enchanted by Clout of the Dominus, Robe of Mirrors and such enchantments... Personally, I would not waste a Whispersilk Cloak when you can have previously said auras cheaper and with the same effect...

almost immortal defender then... very hard to get rid of...
Posted By: Narim (11/1/2010 7:20:51 AM)


Fog Bank's little bro, this card is so good, my brother uses this in his BlueWhite control, and it works extremely well.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (11/15/2010 9:30:33 AM)


@ Ugotpauld:

It doesn't stop trample, as lethal damage is assigned. You still assign the appropriate amount of damage to the Guard Gomazoa, it just gets prevented. With the new M11 rules update, a creature with deathtouch & trample would only need to assign 1 damage to the gomazoa, and the rest would trample over, even though the Gomazoa doesn't die.
Posted By: Amnatto (12/7/2010 4:57:07 PM)


Beware of Jellyfish.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (12/10/2010 1:22:58 AM)


@BiOhyBr: Entangler would be kind of awesome on this guy, but I'd actually go with Gorgon Flail over Basilisk Collar since the +1 power means it could kill a second blocker per turn.

In Standard:
Echo Circlet works well with this guy.
The aforementioned Basilisk Collar obviously makes him more dangerous but your opponent will probably hang back until he has enough creatures to be worth losing one. This works much better with Alluring Siren or Rage Nimbus.
To protect it, Eland Umbra helps against red removal (and trample), Eel Umbra helps against most nonwhite removal, and Vines of Vastwood is, well, Vines of Vastwood.
Or use Whispersilk Cloak or Asceticism for a more static type of protection.
Posted By: Artscrafter (1/10/2011 1:38:48 PM)


Posted By: armogohma (6/10/2011 12:35:44 AM)


It hurts my feelings that my defender deck is not already running 4 of these.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (2/9/2012 2:13:24 AM)


Favorite card ever! Chump blockin like its my job!
Posted By: ndrew68 (6/6/2012 6:23:28 PM)


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