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This makes 9 lizards in standard... Lizard.dek baby! And none of them are rare. Budget Lizard.dek, baby!
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (4/19/2010 7:03:06 AM)


Ahem. Blanchwood Treefolk. More useful creature type, and one stronger. Perfect example of power seep.
Posted By: blindthrall (4/27/2010 2:51:46 PM)


What did the Grazing Gladehart do to you Nema Siltlurker?
Posted By: Jedijoe (5/3/2010 2:56:27 AM)


Want a worthless green vanilla five-drop? You're better off with Rotted Hystrix. While not strictly strictly worse, Nema Siltlurker is more or less the same card with one less toughness and a much less relevant creature type. Both of the aforementioned cards will waste your time, but Nema Siltlurker gains the unenviable title of being a card so worthless that another worthless card outclasses it in every regard.
Posted By: DysprosiumJudas (5/28/2011 5:24:17 AM)


Dreadful... but every card can't be epic, I guess.
Posted By: SolidSoldier (4/20/2010 4:19:44 AM)


Well, it could be worse. It could be Armored Cancrix. (That's not MUCH worse, it has to be said, but it is worse.)
Posted By: count_dorku (8/5/2010 9:54:40 PM)


Just like the mythic rarity excuse for broken cards. It's a common, so it's allowed to be useless.
That's messed up :/
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (4/30/2010 8:35:14 PM)


so who wrote in and said they miss Ironroot Treefolk............cos it definatly wasn't me
Posted By: Mindbend (6/17/2010 11:17:26 AM)


Siege Elephant. I thought green was more efficient than this.
Posted By: chrishocker (4/16/2010 9:20:03 AM)


Does anyone else notice a hippo's head on a T-rex's body?
Posted By: InternetNinjacy (11/28/2010 3:00:57 PM)


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