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Incredible for Eldrazi Spawn ramp. Combine with Spawning Breath and Hand of Emrakul for a nasty turn-3 threat. :D
Posted By: JiangWei23 (4/15/2010 10:04:13 AM)


Awkward mana-accel, but really good with the right plays. It's not Desperate Ritual, but it's still really good if you want to swarm the board with spawn tokens.
Posted By: DonRoyale (4/16/2010 1:18:29 PM)


Even if one doesn't play an Eldrazi having mana or blockers can be quite handy.
Posted By: rsyd (4/22/2010 9:04:28 PM)


The optimal power level of this card is insane (how many other three-tokens-for-two-mana cards are there out there?), and the balance for it is that if you don't hvae another spawn dude, you only get one. Very powerful, but balanced. I love it. 5/5
Posted By: Selez (4/24/2010 1:34:14 PM)


Simple, yet elegant, I would only argue that its probably worse than growth spasm, but very good for Hand of emrakul.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (4/21/2010 2:18:33 AM)


"If you don't control an Eldrazi Spawn and you just topdecked this, trollolololol lololol lololoooolol."
Posted By: True_Mumin (4/26/2010 12:18:07 PM)


I'm trying to like this card, but just can't. I was running it in my G/R Eldrazi deck, more often than not it was a dead draw; especially if playing in standard with the speed of play and removal (i.e. board sweep even for 1 damage) you will never have them long enough to play this. It needs instant speed and I would have given in a 4/5.

would work well in combo with Broodwarden I will admit that.
Posted By: ajpinton (4/25/2010 6:50:36 PM)


Use multiple copies of Brood Birthing with Doubling Season to get 6 (instead of 3) Eldrazi Spawn Tokens for cheap per copy and get Eldrazi creatures out really fast.
Posted By: RareCardHunter (9/5/2010 12:06:47 PM)


"In Soviet Russia, Eldrazi Spawn tokens sacrifice you"
Good card :)
Posted By: OscuritaAngelus (5/2/2010 8:28:31 PM)


Can be good and turn out a turn 3 Hand of emrakul if you have the spawning breath, but otherwise, it is a waste of a draw and can really mess you up in late game if you need something. If only it did something more. Personally i think since we got the two mana creature that makes one, this should make two if there aren't any on the field yet.

Although it is funny that most players done read the last line and mistake what the card does.
Posted By: FugimSky (4/26/2010 8:52:58 PM)