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Basilisc collar+ this = Kitehawk :)
Posted By: Smithney (5/14/2010 8:56:59 AM)


Drop this guy 1st turn with a Bone Saw (or any other (0) drop equipment or drop a (1) equipment on turn 2 with a equip of (1) or (0) would do but you would need to leave standard) equip him turn 2 now he is a 3/2 flying best of luck taking care of him before I get something else to send at you. He is a must in a Kor equipment deck up there with Armament Master. Best of all he keeps his worth even removed from the Kor tribe, as long as you keep equipments close by.
Posted By: ajpinton (2/3/2010 7:08:11 PM)


love the art
Posted By: don_miguel (4/22/2010 3:55:43 AM)


Going to use this alongside the Outfitter and Ogre's Cleaver.
7 damage swing in the air on turn three? Sure. Mr. Doublestrike wants some action too.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/28/2010 3:28:49 PM)


@Cheza: I disagree. Explorer's Scope combines with this guy to make him a 2/2 flier that can ramp your mana, Basilisk Colar makes him a 2/2 flier with deathtouch and lifelink. Trusty Machete might give it a "dumb" +2/+1 bonus, but with it on him he becomes a 4/3 flier. Those are just the cheap equipment.

And as for atsandwich's comment, if you don't want to put much more than a few equipment in a deck, then of course this guy sucks. He's for constructed Kor tribal decks. With Kor Duelist and Armament Master, Kor decks have plenty of reason to pack the deck to the brim with equipment.
Posted By: sarroth (9/18/2010 12:51:25 PM)


Once I gave him flying with two Warmonger's Chariot

The Vorthos I was versing nearly passed out
Posted By: Superllama12 (5/23/2011 4:52:16 PM)


Compare to Skyhunter Cub. Yeah, I think I can deal with the drop of 1 power for a drop of 2 in the cost. This block is setting the new standard for mono-white equippage, but they still can't compare with Mirrodin!

@ Chrishocker

Owww, my brain...
But seriously, read the rulings for the Magebane and you'll find that it says "Magebane Armor causes the equipped creature to lose flying at the time it became equipped. Any ability that grants that creature flying that starts to work later (such as a Jump that resolves later, or a Levitation that comes under your control later) will work normally." So the thing equips, the Apprentice loses flying that it never had, then it's ability checks if it's equipped, it is, so now it gains flying.
Posted By: Gwafa_Hazid (2/1/2010 12:25:01 PM)


If you put a Magebane Armor on him, does he have flying?
Posted By: chrishocker (1/31/2010 2:00:59 PM)


Quite good, but not good enough.... not specialized enough. And since there aren't many euipments for cmc 0-1 and equip cost 0-2 that aren't giving a dumb +X/+Y bonus, this card feels quite boring and not worth wasing card slots for it or useless equipments.
Posted By: Cheza (3/16/2010 4:51:59 PM)


I totally agree with Cheza - this card is not worth wasting a good Equipment. Me, I only like to have one or two Equipments in my decks anyway, so I sure I wil not be wasting them on this weakling.
Posted By: atsandwich (4/18/2010 2:36:45 PM)