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The worst one. If you're playing green, you're probably not likely playing a deck where your number of artifacts or myr is relevant, so Llanowar Elves or Birds of Paradise are just better.

Not to say it's completely useless, but there aren't too many decks that it works in. I suppose a green metalcraft aggro/ramp deck could work with it, but that's not a very common deck for a reason.

Posted By: SleetFox (1/8/2011 10:27:40 AM)


Many people think it's the worst of the myr because green has mana acceleration. Keep in mind this is colorless acceleration and fixing for a deck that wants to splash green.
Posted By: lorendorky (11/28/2011 2:00:06 PM)


Strictly shinier than Llanowar Elves.
Posted By: Totema (10/29/2011 12:35:04 AM)


Probably the least useful of the cycle, given the sixteen-bajillion other sources there are for green mana. Only useful if you're just splashing green for some reason and don't want to invest in forests or multi-mana lands.

Wait, I've got one! Erhnam Djinn
Posted By: Minus_Prime (9/28/2010 3:38:39 PM)


I think someone shot him in the stomach.
Posted By: SoulShatterer (11/2/2010 2:04:26 PM)


Vulnerable, slow... worse than the other myrs. And the original mirrodin myrs had better art too. 1/5
Posted By: majinara (10/4/2010 4:07:08 AM)


Strictly worse than llanowar elves
Posted By: made4ipod (1/26/2011 1:28:32 PM)


Not strictly worse or better than Llanowar Elves... Derp.
Posted By: steinburger1109 (4/7/2012 11:57:45 AM)


Not Worse Than The Other Myrs At All Because Ezuris Brigade And The Mecha Elf Need Metal And If Its Mono Green U Know The Drill. Obviously U Noobs Dont Draft
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (12/4/2010 10:31:35 AM)


strictly better than llanowar elves
Posted By: kittyspit (10/1/2010 12:04:10 PM)


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