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cute name... if you say "Melt Terrain" fast, it sounds like Molten Rain. I love some nostalgia. Good work.
Posted By: chadmbol315 (12/19/2010 6:16:47 AM)


Well, on the upside, it's a Stone Rain stapled to a Shock.
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (10/26/2010 8:21:34 AM)


Will you pay 1 more for a more consistently damaging Molten Rain? That card was the sauce.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (9/25/2010 7:28:33 AM)


Poison the Well is slightly more flexible, Roiling Terrain goes further in an actual LD deck. Would see play in LD decks if it was 1RRR with 3 damage, costed RRR, or even had Metalcraft with some variation.
Posted By: jonnyrue2u (9/26/2010 4:57:05 AM)


I like this card, but then again I like land destruction spells. I might try slipping a few of these into my mono-Red Standard burn deck, especially with that extra 2 damage it does.
Posted By: blindloyalty (6/18/2012 2:01:55 AM)


Per rule 212.9g - It would seem that any source of "noncombat damage" can be redirected by an opponent from a player to a planeswalker.
I like that this spell can both destroy a land AND take two loyalty from a planeswalker.
Posted By: Phelplan (4/1/2014 1:00:55 AM)


Avalanche Riders is cooler. You can Flicker them.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (2/11/2011 9:42:50 PM)


useless in this set. Should have had 'deals 1 damage to each nonflying creature.
Posted By: Cheza (10/3/2010 12:02:08 PM)


Trying to make a standard legal LD deck (cannot afford Koth), think this will be useful. HAve no experience with land destruction at all, but I imagine I will need this, roiling terrain and goblin ruinblaster, and then some lightning bolt, searing blaze and fireball, maybe arc trail to keep creatures at bay, possibly having pyroclasm in sideboard for aggro decks. Maybe pyromancer ascension, having 2 roiling terrain go off simultaneously will possibly be a game winner... maybe better to use reverberate for that. I love building unconventional standard legal decks, and in LD this is a nice replacement for demolish.
Posted By: Sironos (12/16/2010 3:52:34 AM)


goblin ruinblaster, demolish, roiling terrain, fissure vent, lavaball trap and tectonic edge

pyretic ritual
koth of the hammer
pyromancer ascension

here are some hypothetical plays.

turn 2: pyro ascension, turn 3 pyretic ritual into any ld spell or into koth
turn 2: 2 pyretic rituals into a ld or koth

if you play koth on turn 3 you are looking at a hardcast lavaball turn 4. Or at 2 ld spells, or a ld with a reverberate.

Koth, The Great Enabler :)

Posted By: lorendorky (9/24/2010 11:13:15 AM)


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