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Posted By: True_Smog (2/7/2010 10:41:52 AM)


So much for mono green decks ever having a chance vs a control deck ever again.
Posted By: KUSHmonster (2/25/2010 6:53:50 PM)


Did anyone else notice that you don't have to tap the green creature that triggers the card if there are better options?
Posted By: Hibron (3/26/2010 6:27:00 AM)


The trap version of Sleep. I needed this to stop green fatty decks. A welcome sideboard to all my blue decks.
Posted By: Demonic_Angel13 (4/21/2010 6:00:17 PM)


Ok seriously guys?! this card is amazing. It has instant speed, unlike sleep, so it becomes strictly better, and it triggers faster if a green card comes, and even if it didn't, i'd still run this card! Better than sleep, and i shut down your two flyers for a couple turns, so i can get my Guard Gamazoa on this feild, make some great card placements, and keep my Jace on the rise, and for the rest of the creatures youleft, your wall of frost, and reinforced bulwark should handle those just fine.5/5

Note: For fishes though, instead of control, yep, go ahead and run sleep insead
Posted By: Sorin__Markov (6/12/2010 6:37:01 PM)


I can't believe how low a rating this card has right now, its currently rated at 3.5 and I don't think many people have actually read what this card does.

Remember how annoying sleep is to fight against and how good it is when you play it? This does almost as much as sleep... as an instant. Most people miss the instant part. That means the creature is actually tapped for 2 turns, the turn you use it on their turn, their next turn, and then untaps the opponents turn after that. It costs only 1 blue if your opponent had a green creature enter play as well.

In case anyone has noticed this means Vengevine defense for blue, each time vegevine enters play this only costs 1 blue to play, and you can also fish it out of your deck with trapmaker's snare. The vengevine and another creature then get tapped down for two turns while you get to draw an answer, or save your planeswalker.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (6/18/2010 3:50:13 AM)


Great with Pongify.
Posted By: RunedServitor (5/9/2012 2:46:26 PM)


Mono green is getting out of hand these days, this will be useful.
Posted By: True_Mumin (2/2/2010 8:16:10 AM)


as of this review, rating of this card is 2.8/5. this card is alot better than you people are voting. instant speed tap down that stops not one, but two attack steps, as well as two blocking opportunities. if this card read 2UU - instant "up to two target creatures cannot attack, block, or activate tap abilities for the next two turns" people would play it. that is what it does. Added bonus of costing an amazing U if an opponent played... idk, for example, a putrid leech, a sprouting thrinax, a bloodbraid elf, master of the wild hunt, broodmate dragon. wow, look at that! it hoses Jund.

Posted By: Grimn777 (2/5/2010 1:45:56 PM)


If I play blue I would prefer countering those creature instead of simply stopping them 2 turn. Or bouncing them back in my opponent hand, forcing him to spend a turn recasting them and waiting for summoning sickness. and giving a second chance to counter spell them.

for the same 4 cc you could cast sleep that tap ALL opponent creature and keep them tap at next untap phase. ok it's a sorcery, so what you stop ALL attacker and ALL current blocker instead of just 2.

2.9 might be harsh , so I'm giving it 3.5/5^^
Posted By: Sorxores (2/7/2010 4:02:55 PM)


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