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@ Mojovince: Yes, but 7 mana that you can spend in chunks. Decks that play Merfolk Looter tend not to have 1-drops, so spending one mana up front sure won't hurt. And when you have spare mana, you can turn it into an Archivist!
Posted By: dudecow (4/16/2010 6:57:02 PM)


The idea is to play it turn one...
then turn two you pay the level up, which allows you to use the tap ability
hence the "Hasty Merfolk Looter" references

This, Echo Mage, and the Lighthouse Chronologist become very interesting with Venerated Teacher...

Looks like they're taking the complaints about blue to heart, the new counterspells and throwback to Ancestral Recall makes creature based blue decks attractive

guess time and metagame will tell o.0
Posted By: Shell_shockkun (4/20/2010 2:33:43 PM)


Goes from mediocre to great with Training Grounds, especially in monoblue. With Training Grounds in a best case scenario, this will run faster than both Merfolk Looter or Archivist on your initial turns.

So long as you have Training Grounds, the worst you can do in a monoblue deck is pay the same amount of mana as you would for the others...
Posted By: hexaetherion (5/1/2010 4:26:25 PM)


Personally, I don't know what some people are smoking. This is so much better than merfolk looter it's not funny. You cast it turn 1 and it's ready to go on turn two - merfolk looter doesn't do anything until turn 3. At the very worst, this kind of cards always takes burn away from your face, because a red mage sure as hell can't let this beauty live; drawing and discarding is mega-powerful - simply drawing one even better. Cryptologist is all that in one perfect package. Especially cute when you're digging for one particular piece of the puzzle, like (say) ravenous trap to turn off dredge combo.

The foil looks amazing, as well.
Posted By: cloneffect (12/19/2010 1:40:21 AM)


This, or Azure Mage, or Jace Beleren? Depends on your deck and preference. If your deck cares about counters, run this and a Jace or two. If your deck is a draw-go that cares about leaving mana open while also presenting a mild threat, run the Mage.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/1/2011 2:38:24 AM)


I level it once, then let proliferate take over from there. That way I can level at instant speed with Clockspinning or Steady Progress if I didn't need the mana, or Fuel for the Cause if I did.
Posted By: LordRandomness (11/22/2011 10:02:52 PM)


Did the pre-release today without a doubt this single card was the reason for me winning absolutely amazing in sealed/draft in standard she will need some shroud but she is beautiful!
Posted By: xhillx (4/18/2010 12:03:24 AM)


At worst, it's a hasty Merfolk Looter, at best, it's a hasty Archivist at common rarity. What's not to love?
Posted By: Pramxnim (4/15/2010 11:33:11 PM)


You gotta love people rating and discussing cards before they are even released...
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (4/16/2010 2:28:26 PM)


Merfolk Looter is so much better than this, because He is 1/1 and he's a common.
Posted By: True_Smog (4/27/2010 1:25:38 AM)