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Cosi's Trickster
Psychogenic Probe

Then this.

It has a very unique effect that I am looking for.

Fourth turn? maybe Eradicate?
Posted By: A0602 (2/15/2011 2:58:25 PM)


This card is outstanding in limited, especially as a follow-up to an Inquisition of Kozilek. It peeks at their hand and hits anything. (Bye-bye removal...) I top 8ed both days at my local prerelease, and this card set up wins in many games.

But really, I just love this card; the name, the art, the flavor text, and the mechanic all combine to something more than the sum of it's parts.
Posted By: Motion2Dismiss (4/19/2010 12:48:12 AM)


is the masked dude actually peeking in the girls cleavage?
Posted By: bagilis (9/4/2010 3:21:35 PM)


This needs rebound so bad.
Posted By: wolfbear2 (4/18/2010 5:46:22 PM)


Hmm, it forces them to shuffle it into their library...
It's a trap!
Posted By: DRKLCNS (4/20/2010 11:07:31 AM)


Maybe in a discard deck to get Kozilek back into their deck instead of letting them reshuffle their graveyard?
I've got nothing. 3 mana, you get to pick anything, then they get it back. Maybe if you have a Sadistic Sacrament you could then go find that card, but that's six mana.
Posted By: chrishocker (4/16/2010 3:48:29 PM)


Although choosing this over regular discard doesn't do much for most decks (which, for this effect, would cost the same or less), I love the idea of shuffling an opponent's late-game sorceries only to steal them later with Knowledge Exploitation.

May be interesting to tinker with for a Rogue deck. Or for setting up Bribery.
Posted By: Entropic_Acolyte (4/26/2010 9:58:02 AM)


Strictly sideboard against resurrection Rakdos decks.
Posted By: blindthrall (4/27/2010 2:46:30 PM)


@ Drklcns - shuffling =/= searching. Nice try though. This can be more powerful than you might think. Note that it doesn't say "nonland card." Any card. Oh hey, you needed that 4th land for your Bloodbraid Elf huh? Sorry. This card can punish hands that your opponent should have mulligan'd, and turn an otherwise promising hand into mana screw. Yes, it's overcosted for what it does. It should have either had rebound or cost 1b, and it will probably never see play in standard, but keep an open mind. Forcing your opponent to miss a land drop and top-deck solutions is a decent play.
Posted By: BigK42 (5/2/2010 8:10:28 AM)


i like it- but what cards are good to put in opponent's library- high-costers or low-costers?
Posted By: scutemob (5/2/2010 11:47:02 AM)