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Well he might have used a stronger body, but i don't think this card is bad.
Even only one of these already provides insane card advantage in an ally deck - i'd definitely use him there.
And he only costs a single blue mana and provides a card by itself - which does not even require any mana.
Posted By: Mode (9/26/2009 3:33:18 AM)


This guy has saved my deck a lot of times. I use a few Jace's Erasure in a white blue ally deck and he and Halimar Excavator win it usually. Also Venser's Journal keeps me alive for a long time. Just imagine a kicked rite of replication on this guy and you could essentially draw your entire deck if you wanted to.
Posted By: Leonidus78 (12/12/2010 11:12:22 PM)


@ the people who complain about it's cost: compare to Archivist (who currently has a higher rating than this)

*costs 1 more

*Takes 1 less blue mana
*better toughness
*better creature type
*has the potential to draw more than 1 card.
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (11/22/2009 8:43:26 PM)


considering that all ally need you to drop an ally to activate there abilities, at end game when you have no more ally in hand, this guy can be very usefull. What are the chance to draw no ally in an ally deck if you only draw 3 card? But you must be carefull to not deck yourself, this card doesn't say "up to the number of ally" so if you have 5 ally you must draw 5 card, and can't take only 3. And simply put some of those 3 color land or even a simple ancient ziggurat to covert the blue mana if you were playing a none blue deck.
Posted By: Sorxores (10/4/2009 5:50:25 PM)


This is the ultimate recharge. By the time I finally get to use this ability, there's usually bigger threats on the board than him. You'll be more prone to see a Lightning Bolt go to your Harabaz Druid than this due. By that time, you'll most likely be drawing more cards than you know what to do with and just pull off the finishing move. I don't get to see him out as often as I'd wish mostly because the game tends to be over before I can put him on the field. XD For that, he's a solid 4/5 in my book and a 2-3of in any Ally deck that can support him.
Posted By: PrimeSonic (5/2/2010 8:25:49 AM)


If the merefolk in this set are supposed to come from the land of 'Tazeem'...
How come the Tazeem planeschase card is a bloody forest?
Posted By: Roufus55 (10/4/2009 6:10:29 AM)


The fact of the matter is, this guy always says "Draw at least 1 card with no discard before or after." and that just doesn't happen much.

Posted By: HairlessThoctar (1/17/2010 11:27:47 PM)


Spellbook+ Fastbond+ this in a UG Simic/Ally Deck...
Oh lordy lord.
Just have to make sure you don't burn yourself to death and you're golden.
Posted By: pistolsforpandas (9/12/2010 9:42:13 AM)


Costs too much for a 1/3. Lightning Bolt is going to make sure he's never gonna last long enough to use his ability.
Posted By: Omniance (10/14/2009 6:10:02 PM)


bit overcosted, even for an ally
Posted By: sliverlord5000 (9/25/2009 7:01:39 PM)


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