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Honestly quite playable and the art is superb - especially dem trees in the background.
Posted By: Kirbster (12/1/2010 10:19:24 PM)


If landfall decks typically run crucible of worlds and amulet of vigor then this would be the next logical step. Double the mana with every tap and with both of its downsides nullified (except for using up a land drop to play it again but oh well).
Posted By: TPmanW (12/13/2010 9:08:13 PM)


I don't know why anyone rates this below a 4 or better. These are FREE mana ramping and if not used for a free ramp, they can also make very awesome plays with proliferate. Given that the there are only 5-7 turns in the typical game, getting an extra mana for 2 turns is crucial.
Posted By: blurrymadness (3/2/2011 1:15:11 AM)


IMO the double mana depletion lands are highly underrated. There's a reason why they see tournament play; they're a must for any fast deck or a deck that saves up and goes boom all at once. They also make it easier to run fewer lands while still affording your spells.

One of my better decks is a 16 land glimpse of nature deck with these. With less land I can continue the chain-drawing glimpse longer when I finally go boom and yet I can still afford the few expensive spells.
Posted By: Nathreet (4/21/2011 11:38:19 PM)


I really, really like this series of lands. Everytime I've dropped one recently, my opponent kind of scoffs. Then I ramp the hell out of my first couple of turns and they get that worried look on their face, haha.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (5/19/2010 7:41:54 AM)


I think the sacrifice is part of its mana ability and not a state-based ability (otherwise this ability would have its own line in the rules text of this card)
Posted By: Buridan (3/25/2010 1:57:54 AM)


If this didn't come into play tapped, this could be a monster.
Posted By: Gomorrah (2/6/2010 7:00:24 PM)


Hickory is the best wood for green mana. All other flavors only produce 1.5 {G} per depletion counter.
Posted By: zqft (3/11/2010 11:13:17 PM)


Woohoo! More weird counters ^^
Pretty average for a nonbasic land, I guess. Not great, but not horrible. I have to ask though... Why Hickory in particular?
Posted By: GradiustheFox (3/8/2010 12:06:16 AM)


Question: Can I tap this the second time (plus a forest) to cast Harrow, and sacrifice this land for Harrow's cost before its own sacrifice triggers? It seems I should be able to:

1. Tap, remove last counter. Since mana sources are immediate, I should have two green mana before anything else can happen.
2. State-based ability goes on the stack. Since this ability is not itself a mana source, I can respond to it with instants.
3. I cast Harrow, sacrificing the Hickory Woodlot which is still in play until its own ability resolves.

Am I doing this right?

Edit: Yea, that's what it seems like. Oh well, there goes my mediocre combo idea. At least I can still use it once early game and then cast a Harrow later on.
Posted By: achilleselbow (6/18/2010 2:38:59 PM)