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Combo with Undertaker
Posted By: RJ.693 (4/15/2011 10:17:49 PM)


With this card it's not so bad when your opponent has a huge mean mega creature. You just use it against them. Somehow they never seem to want to block it though... (like they have a choice).
Posted By: Blobnoid (8/20/2010 12:26:33 PM)


I think the mana cost is too cheap for a Ray of Command on a stick. Can get extremely ridiculous with training ground.
Posted By: non1337 (12/14/2010 8:35:50 AM)


She's actually a Saprazzan merfolk. In Mercadian block Merfolk have legs...
Look at other examples: Saprazzan Heir, Saprazzan Bailiff, and Waterfront Bouncer.

I think that this is one of the gem of this set, a spellshaper that I used to play, with a lot of satisfaction, but quite bothered my opponent. Overall interesting, hope to see it again, one day...!

Posted By: leomistico (3/30/2012 3:25:30 AM)


Nice that it's a merfolk
Posted By: NeverendingDream (8/8/2010 10:34:03 AM)


Very interesting spellshaper, from art, to ability, to the especially flaying flavor text. I'd definitely play this if only it weren't so susceptible to being slaughtered mercilessly..
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (8/31/2009 1:03:53 AM)


Overtaker is possibly my favourite non-legendary Spellshaper (tied with Stampede driver).

That ray of command ability deals with next to anything, even Cthullu himself.

@Undertakerx7, I totally agree with you, accept the point of the art, I believe, is that only the lady at the front is a spell caster, wkile the Mercadidan man is a mere mind slave. That said, she is most definitly human.

Posted By: Sharu (3/25/2012 3:43:49 PM)


A very nice card to have if you also have some way to sacrifice creatures. You can control an enemy creature, use its abilities or attack with it, and then sacrifice it for even more benefits.
Posted By: Lege (9/23/2009 10:13:58 AM)


They screwed up the flavor of this card by changing in to a Merfolk Clyde Caldwell clearly painted a picture of two Human Wizards. Look at the artwork on Lord of Atlantis now that is a Merfolk if they want this card to be a Merfolk MTG needs to change the artwork to reflect that.
Posted By: Undertakerx7 (11/11/2011 10:24:06 AM)


ANOTHER merfolk rare?!?
Posted By: land_comment (3/24/2011 8:16:41 AM)