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Here's an idea that I saw in the "Building on a Budget" column. Play 3 creatures in total in your deck, one of these and two Massacre Wurms. Get three tokens in play, then cast Mass Polymorph. You destroy three of their noncreature permanents, giving them three 3/3 elephants. Then the Massacre Wurms trigger, killing the elephants and making them lose 12 life. If they have just two more creatures in play with toughness 4 or less, the combo hits for 20. If not, they are down 3 noncreature permanents and 12 life, and you just put 21 power on the board.
Posted By: mtgdjs (8/26/2011 8:26:34 AM)


nobody gets it. At all. This is 4 creatures, eighteen power, like turn 5 or 6 seeing as its green, OOOOOR it can be a vindicate. Its versatile, its creature advantage, its pure awesome and no one will ever change that. Once he drops and you get three tokens, you don't need three lands.
Posted By: TheSwarm (8/29/2010 3:55:14 PM)


This and Nulltread Gargantuan, Djinn of Wishes, Elvish Piper, Aether Tradewinds ect make for some fast and terrible land destruction.
Posted By: n00bmag1 (6/28/2010 6:56:29 AM)


I so so SO want to put Splinter Twin on this.

Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (9/13/2010 7:21:01 PM)


is everyone dumb here?
lots of ppl talking about using it on creatures when its clearly there "noncreature"
@Ninjakraken it cant destroy emrakul you dumb
Posted By: Szentekkel (2/10/2011 7:43:49 PM)


Anything not related to elephants is irrelephant.
Posted By: ZeroSheep (5/22/2011 10:04:12 AM)


I like how they almost specifically skirted Terra Eternal abuse by saying the permanents actually have to go to the graveyard. Besides, 18 power on the board wins games. How? You try telling 18 power to shut up. He's Mr. 18 Power.
Posted By: CrazyLou (12/21/2010 8:32:08 PM)


If you destroy your opponents stuff they get the tokens. If you destroy your own stuff you get the tokens. Somehow I have the feeling that half of the people looking at this card don't understand it.
Posted By: majinara (2/1/2010 5:00:10 AM)


First of all nothing that says "you may" is ever a drawback. Even if you can't find a use for his ability (which you should almost always be able to do) it's a 9/9 for 8 CMC at its worst.
Posted By: BrutalJim (3/20/2010 9:50:58 AM)


All you people who are complaining about its "drawback" are wrong. Think of it like this instead: Turn 8, play Terastodon, destroy three of your lands. Now you have a 9/9 and three 3/3s - you've just put 18 points of damage on the board and gained serious creature advantage. Plus, if you absolutely must kill Jace, the Mind Sculptor or something, you can. This is a strong, well-designed card.
Posted By: XDaragoX (1/30/2010 6:34:30 PM)


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