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A great two-drop black ally for filling out your curve in Limited.
Posted By: mutantman (1/29/2010 2:44:28 PM)


I played four of these and four Halimar Excavators in a {B}{U} Mill/Ally deck and dominated. I really wish this guy could block though.
Posted By: Demonic_Angel13 (2/15/2010 6:39:59 PM)


A much needed two-drop for Black allies.

Some of you are saying "he sucks" or "isn't good" but that is because you are comparing him to allies of a different color. Each two-drop ally has their "color unique" abilities. Kazandu Blademaster has the classic white "Vigilence", Oren-Rief Survivalist is just a classic green fatty, and so on...

Black can't have the same kind of ally Green has, to make him unique they gave him "can't block".

Posted By: HERET1C (3/6/2010 5:34:28 PM)


For each ally coming into play under your control as long as he is on board makes him that much stronger, and he's not the only one with this ability. Not to mention that any ally comes into play activates their unique abilities. No ally should be ranked belong three stars.This dude can dish much punish throughout the game provided he does not get picked off the battlefield.

The fact he's black makes him partilly immune to non-black destroying mechanics, if you're fretting over his 'Can't block' handicap, then you seriously don't know the meaning of playing BLACK.
Posted By: SorianSadaskan (3/17/2010 11:02:24 PM)


the funniest thing to do if someone plays this card is a simple guard duty
Posted By: Mr.Kilgannon (10/20/2010 12:37:55 AM)


Comparing him to Kazandu is tremendously unfair.

Kazandu has two colored symbols in his casting cost makes him significantly harder to reliably cast in a multi-color ally deck, which is what most ally decks want to be anyway.
Plus this guy is at common which means its much more likely to help in sealed and draft ally decks than Blademaster.

Sure being a Craven Knight (at worst) isn't the best thing in the world, but any ally has the potential to be great when played correctly.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (2/11/2010 10:15:38 AM)


This guy wails on people, and really helps ally decks with Black. Sure, he can't block, but he is obviously a beater. Bala Ged Thief is very happy this guy just showed up.

**Update - The more I play with this card, the more I see him kick a** and take names. The guy just inflates very quickly in ally decks, and he is virtually assured to either do damage or kill something in the way of your other guys. I've been having excellent success pairing him with white allies. Hada Freeblade and Kazandu Blademaster help things along rapidly.

Oh, and yeah, "Bojuka" may be one of the most fun words to say in the English language. Try it. Bojuka.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (4/12/2010 12:46:37 PM)


Flavor text rocks. I personally don't put black in my ally decks, but that's just me.
Posted By: mikebeingmike (6/4/2011 4:56:43 AM)


when I saw the flavour text, I hoped he'd look similar to the guy in guard duty, but he doesn't. :(
Posted By: Biggles (5/24/2011 12:44:18 PM)


Why can't it be fear instead of "can't block" ? :(
Posted By: iSlapTrees (5/28/2011 5:35:56 PM)


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