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Mordant Dragon is like a TIE Bomber; He flies in, and blasts something on the ground.

Shivan Dragon is like a TIE Interceptor; He flies over, and toasts the other guy in the air.

Ancient Hellkite is a bit like both. Except beefy.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (10/28/2010 2:29:18 PM)


Ummmm, this isn't failed fire breathing........ As you can clearly see, he destroyed something on the ground, which is now smoldering from his flames. The flame in his mouth is the remnant of the flame used to destroy it, signifying that it was only moments ago that he wreaked havoc upon that village.
Posted By: Wudikind (3/24/2010 9:25:42 PM)


I'd toss Claws of Valakut on him before attacking. There won't be much need to use his not-quite-Firebreathing. The first strike will kill almost anything that blocks him, and it takes out something else that was trying to block if he went unchumped.
Posted By: Haliax (3/8/2010 8:51:00 PM)


This was my first rare dragon, shivan was my second, they're both awesome, have them both in my red deck. Valakut claw them and they will destroy all.
Posted By: Sironos (6/19/2010 2:15:14 PM)


its supposed to be fail fire breathing because it would be too overpowered if it had regular firebreathing.
Posted By: Faust-The-Desolate (7/9/2010 7:13:37 AM)


This is more of a question than a comment, but If Mordant Dragon attacks and gets through to the player and Glitspire Avenger is chosen to take the damage (then you may deal that much damage to target creature that player controls), Does the Giltspire Avenger have time to respond (by taping and destroying a creature that dealt damage to you) between damage beening dealt to the player and it being targeted?
Posted By: TheCrimsonRaven (12/30/2010 6:10:23 AM)


The "failed firebreathing" is because, in many cases, this guy is going to deal damage twice: To the player and to the creature. So, you pay one for each damage.

I mean think about it. This guy with normal firebreathing would just be overpowered.
Posted By: littlebeast (2/21/2010 1:38:51 PM)


stop smashing on this guys hes sweet not only do you get to smack a player for a good chunck of damage but you get to crush a creature with him also just throw some claws of valakut on him and watch your opponents lose everything.
Posted By: KUSHmonster (2/25/2010 6:12:30 PM)


People are crazy on here; this guy is awesome. This is REAL ground support that you don't have to pay additional mana for. As long as he can get through, you can devastate virtually any creature on the board while you are killing the other guy.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/31/2010 6:54:19 AM)


Yeah. Being able to roast one of your opponent's creatures every turn is crap. Give me your mordant dragons. You fail.
Posted By: Nickkom (2/7/2010 8:02:57 PM)


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