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Pyroclasm, meanwhile, is the dreaded Cave-both.
Posted By: Kirbster (10/13/2010 5:26:45 PM)


The element of surprise will always shift the balance of the battlefield in most cases. Any combo player I am sure has had their attempts foiled by even the silliest cards that usually never see much play. This can easily be one of those cards that has that kind of impact. Even though token generation and/or mass creature decks have become rather scarce in the newer age of mtg decks, I still believe any card that offers a replacement for its casting cost should never be taken lightly.
Not to mention you don't even need to run this card main deck, as long as your deck has Burning Wish. Now lets say... just for an example, your opponent spawns a blillion tokens of whateter by turn 2. Even if they have the first turn. Now your turn 2, you cast burning wish, grab Cave-in, pitch whatever, and.... C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! Remeber that one... Killer Instinct... good ol days baby. If you are lucky enough, and have stumbled upon this reading... Check out this card ne... (see all)
Posted By: Internet_decks_lame (4/19/2011 8:36:03 AM)


good alternative cast burn. also see firestorm
Posted By: Kamah1 (8/15/2009 6:27:34 PM)


@ttian: no: that's a cave-out
Posted By: garbagegatherer (3/30/2010 11:36:16 AM)


so this wouldn't affect creatures that don't live in caves
Posted By: ttian (3/27/2009 8:43:30 AM)


Problem with this agains token generators are that it's not instant and even if they are stupid enough to give you a turn before the alpaha strike they need only to generate those tokens again the next turn.

Combined with Pulverize this is better unless the engine is enchantment based.
Posted By: tavaritz (10/21/2011 5:51:39 AM)


If only it was instant.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (1/1/2013 8:29:08 PM)


Multiple people complaining that a 2-damage burn-all spell is sorcery speed?
Yeah, pyrokinesis is instant, but it has less uses. This still burns players and eats more stuff (potentially.) It was probably sorcery so less limited environments caved-in (get it!?) due to the sheer card advantage this can create.
Posted By: blurrymadness (10/8/2013 4:41:55 PM)


Cave In is also an awesome band that happens to be from my hometown. Yay, awesome card and awesome band!
Posted By: Continue (2/12/2014 10:01:22 PM)