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3 mana 2/2 fliers are amazing for limited. 3 mana 2/2 fliers that can also be 5 mana 3/3 fliers etc are simply wonderful. Not very good for constructed though :\
Posted By: Crag-Hack (7/12/2011 1:06:56 AM)


It's for limited, friends. 90% of all cards will only see play in drafts anyway, that's what makes drafts so much fun! It's also the reason giving cards ratings is so tough, because everyone comes at it from different perspectives- it'd give it about a 3.5 in limited, but in constructed, maybe 2.5 (there are better 2/2 fliers for 3).
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (5/6/2010 12:54:05 AM)


It's actually a pretty good card from a limited point of view. A 2/2 for 3 puts it up there with other fliers like Wild Griffin in 2011, and Kemba's Skyguard in Scars of Mirrodin, but that multikicker means that if you top deck it later in the game (or play something else on turns 3 and 4) you can get even more use out of it. Not bad at all, probably worth a 3-3.5 in limited.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (9/5/2010 11:59:11 PM)


I agree with gcilley, rubber, and metalevolence, what's with all the hate? Sure, it's really bad for constructed, but it's a great limited card. Wind Drake has always been a pretty good limited card for blue, and this is rated lower? It's white's version, and it can be even bigger. Case in point: I even one an extremely long limited game where I managed to kick it 5 times and outrace an Admonition Angel.
Posted By: dudecow (3/7/2010 5:36:02 PM)


Why are you attacking the common so viciously? Commons are only intended for limited in most cases. Obviously Steppe Lynxes are an exception, not a rule. If Wizards only designed cards that fit in specific constructed archetypes, Limited would be no fun. Niether would constructed, for that matter. This is a card for drafting/sealed only, but a very good one for that. It goes in any limited deck that I'm using at least 5 white sources in, and it's good every time. For constructed, it gets a 0.5/5, like most commons, and most cards in general. For limited, it gets a 4/5. No, it's not going in your Jund deck. Get over it. It's still a good card.
Posted By: rubber (2/10/2010 8:01:58 PM)


Great in limited... which is the only place where games are won using strategy and thought, not $60 Angels (Unless of course you happen to be drafting one of those angels).
Posted By: gcilley (2/7/2010 11:30:11 PM)


I think it's holding a Scrib Nibbler.
Posted By: Asic (2/22/2010 11:58:15 PM)


A pretty average card, but I love the art.
Posted By: SleetFox (2/23/2010 12:42:36 PM)


if any of you idiots played limited, you'd have a different opinion of this excellent tool.
Posted By: metalevolence (1/9/2011 12:28:21 AM)


Is that a wombat it's carrying?
Posted By: JWolps (1/30/2010 6:45:26 AM)