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Has anyone thought of using Ruin Ghost in UW or UWR control with this?

One white mana a turn + this is a like a lesser Sensei's Divining Top. Control my draw every turn? Sounds good to me. Becomes even better in extended with Counterbalance (and the top being banned).

Combine that with Jace, the Mind Sculptor and you have a huge amount of control over your library, and Treasure Hunt becomes easy card advantage.
Posted By: Plum (2/7/2010 7:54:09 PM)


A free ponder less the draw but its a land with land fall can you say hedron crab, bc what mill deck dose not have draw support? it get a 5/5 from me.
Posted By: ajpinton (2/3/2010 6:26:53 PM)


What I like most about it is it's capability to help you avoid a mulligan. Opening hand missing a 2nd land? What's the odds the first 10 cards don't have one?
Posted By: Khias (2/16/2010 1:32:22 AM)


I like it better than Ponder. It's easier to recur and it produces mana afterward. Still...Ponder has that not so subtle added bonus of being able to shuffle your library if your top 3 aren't relevant.
Posted By: spike_barnett (5/6/2010 10:45:16 PM)


The lack of a shuffle option sometimes leads to a painful glimpse of your next few draws. Still rocks pretty hard though, and better than sage of epityr in my book.
Posted By: Maximillini86 (8/31/2010 11:03:42 PM)


I run 4 of those, and they're perfect target to be bounced by my Deprive... scry is so perfect, especially for a blue

works wonders with Treasure Hunt (as it's been said), and with cards like Djinn of Wishes, or Oracle of Mul Daya (for ultimative milling while Hedron Crab is out :P)
Posted By: Narim (10/30/2010 1:08:02 PM)


One time in an EDH I stole artifacts from an opponent's deck, the result combo was: Zuran Orb, Crucible of Worlds, and Halimar Depth. No complaints :)
Posted By: Cyberium (11/17/2010 10:15:38 AM)


Four of these, four Ponders, four Preordains, four Foresees, four See Beyonds in my Pyromancer Ascension deck.

It gets a little ridiculous.
Posted By: Gelzo (1/19/2011 1:26:03 AM)


This land reminds me of Mirri's Guile.
Posted By: Diab0l0 (3/30/2011 8:13:22 PM)


Love and hate this card. It's great to set up your next three draws but when the game is close and you play this only to find your next three draws are all basic lands... Since you're playing blue, you usually have a way to fix that but if not, at least you know to concede now rather than draw it out.
Posted By: nerach (6/13/2011 1:51:04 PM)