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Various Silly combos? Hah, NOBODY ever expects me to be a danger in multiway with my Sunglasses of Urza, Farrelite Priest, and Thornscape Familiar, until they see me lay down my Grinning Ignus SEVEN BILLION times in the same turn, following it up with a one-mana 7000000001/7000000001 hasted Storm Entity. Gives me the game every time, 5/5
Posted By: Fictionarious (7/20/2012 12:10:39 AM)


Actually, I logged in today to post the same comment as WrathofShane.

I really want to like this guy- in monowhite, there is no other ability like his. However, WHEN would you ever need a white mana converter when you already have access to two white mana? White has the worst mana dumps, and you shouldn't be playing something as color-heavy as Reya Dawnbringer in a multicolored deck.

...I still like this guy. I just wish he was as useful as Initiates of the Ebon Hand or Bog Initiate.
Posted By: MacBizzle (11/18/2013 6:56:57 PM)


Interesting this dude is uncommon, but the Initiates of the Ebon Hand are common.
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (3/4/2012 4:07:47 PM)


If you wanna turn colorless mana to white, better go with green for Skyshroud Elf.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (6/16/2010 1:56:34 AM)


Infinite colorless mana with Ashnod's Altar, and three Karmic Guides, thow in a Farrelite Priest if you want white mana.
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/2/2009 4:03:03 PM)


Useful in various silly combos, but that's about it.
Posted By: Radagast (11/5/2011 9:52:02 AM)


It should have been 2/3 rather than 1/3; its ability is situational enough that it belongs on a creature with a cost-appropriate body.

Also, I like the flavor text here -- in that it emphasizes that, yes, these guys really do deserve to be called white. Later sets, when they want to get all grimdark, have an unfortunate tendency to present outright evil white factions.
Posted By: Aquillion (6/2/2013 9:33:52 PM)


Why would they make a white mana filtering creature, and then make it have WhiteWhite in its casting cost?

Would make more sense to cost 2White imo.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (8/13/2013 2:21:58 PM)


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