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I am Heavy Weapons Guy... and thees... is my favorite animal.
Posted By: muggtonp (11/3/2011 2:55:59 AM)


I read the card 3 times, and yes, thats what it says.
Posted By: XTwistedsoulX (9/4/2010 10:54:49 PM)


Absolutely epic flavor, art, and abilities. An extremely good choice for a mythic rare. It feels mythic.
Posted By: Zulp (10/7/2010 5:43:52 PM)


This guy is perfectly green/white, in all the worst ways (for your opponent). White is THE color for creature-based WoGs, given the fact that they are typically the most creature-heavy. What better way to balance mass-removal than put it in the color it would hurt the most? Now, why it fits white/green, is because green is big creatures, especially wurms, with trample. What better form of trample is there than destroying all potential blockers? That's even better than Thorn Elemental/Rhox. Add that to the fact that white loves combat-phase removal (damaging, sacrificing, destroying, and even exiling attackers and occasionally blockers), it seems only appropriate that a combination of all the above factors as a Mythic Rare would result in this:
A card that destroys other potential attackers and blockers to give itself the most epic trample ever. Definitely the most power green/white has to offer.
Posted By: Dr.Pingas (6/30/2011 5:53:58 PM)


He hangs out with Spearbreaker Behemoth and has a Mimic Vat for a toy. :)
Posted By: irving-zero (3/31/2011 10:01:13 AM)


Best combo?
Posted By: BlackAlbino (5/2/2011 7:47:37 PM)


I don't understand why everyone thinks this should be Black... the colours make perfect flavour sense:

White: The explosion (it is a Novablast Wurm) is cleansing, a la Wrath, Mageta, etc. And it happens every time it comes out from hiding (i.e. attacks).
Green: It's a wurm. Enough said.
Posted By: djbon2112 (5/1/2010 3:05:02 PM)


Saffi Eriksdotter: "Ach Hans, run! It's the-"
Novablast Wurm: *Burp*
Saffi Eriksdotter: "Shit"
Posted By: Superllama12 (4/4/2011 4:12:47 PM)


I played a lot of games with this guy in my Mayael the Anima commander deck.

My experience was that it was amazing in some matchups (the ones involving lots of creature combat and creature stalls) but almost a straight-up blank in others (the ones where they draw a bunch of cards and cast a couple sweepers and bury you in value). Like, against green decks, sometimes it was just impossible for them to beat you, but against blue or black decks, it would just sort of hang back shyly like "Oh, if I attack, I kill my own Mayael to destroy your Solemn Simulacrum. Hmm."

The problem with this was that I felt like my deck was already good against those creature decks and I didn't need another card against them. (Blazing Archon was pretty much always the better tutor target.) Whereas against the control decks, my matchups were a lot worse, and I couldn't afford a dead card. (Or if not dead, then extremely situational.) There... (see all)
Posted By: mutantman (12/6/2011 4:00:12 PM)


This cards combo ability is sick, indestructible stuff, remove stuff from the game tell end of turn, or just Wrath of God on a stick... 5/5
Posted By: ajpinton (2/4/2010 4:44:21 PM)


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