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For a Wall, its a good card, i do wish it had flying tho
Posted By: wolfv (1/29/2010 4:01:34 PM)


If you're running Perimeter Captain, you should probably run these too.
Posted By: JacksJokeShop (2/8/2010 7:10:43 AM)


Strictly a limited card. It's a shame this doesn't fly. That would make it a lot more playable. As is, I'm not sure. I might pick it 8th or 9th or so if I'm playing a defensive deck.
Posted By: mutantman (1/29/2010 4:52:28 PM)


Wrong set. If you look closely, it's called ZENDIKon. Yup. Belongs in M12.

Posted By: Swag_Crow (1/21/2014 6:37:33 AM)


This card works well in Zendikar, when the land dies it goes back to your hand. So you can play in again and get more landfall.
Posted By: ajpinton (2/3/2010 6:24:02 PM)


I don't know Khaztr, the red one has been kinda a let down. I'ld rather run this if I can just cause it eats bears instead of being eaten by them.

@ Mutantman, I don't think it's Strickly a limited card. A friend has been playing around with a control deck that runs this, he says it works well for him, but well see.
Posted By: wolfbear2 (2/10/2010 5:27:30 PM)


I use it in my Sigil of the Empty Throne deck, cause having a sigil down would give me a 4/4 and a 2/6 for 3.
Posted By: zpikduM (2/16/2010 9:32:41 PM)


By far the worst of all the Zendikons in my opinion :(

EDIT: The reason being: one of the Zendikons' main befefits is that they have haste when played on a land that was already in play. That bonus is almost completely wasted by this card.

Also, Zendikons can potentially be stacked on top of eachother on the same land and take on eachother's abilities. For example, if you play a Vastwood Zendikon on a land with Wind Zendikon already on it, then you have a 6/4 flier with haste. However, mix Guardian Zendikon with any other Zendikon and you've managed to permanently keep them from attacking. Yet another drawback to this card...

Of course, putting a Guardian Zendikon on top of a Wind Zendikon has its uses.
Posted By: Khaztr (2/23/2010 11:40:21 AM)


I don't think Guardian Zendikon is that bad. {2}{W} to turn a land into a 2/6 blocker seems decent, cards that benefit Defenders (like Perimeter Captain) work well with it, and when you don't need to block something you can always just tap it if you need mana.

Pairing it with Wind Zendikon (like others have said) compensates for its lack of ability to block flyers, and if you run Terra Eternal you have 2/6 Walls that can't be destroyed.
Posted By: Diachronos (3/31/2010 8:16:47 PM)


Why does this card's art remind me of Katamari Damacy?
Posted By: Saxophonist (9/6/2010 9:41:13 PM)


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