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The best of the non-legendary Eldrazi.
Posted By: RareCardHunter (8/14/2010 10:33:43 AM)


Combos with your opponent's Phage the Untouchable. ... Badly.
Posted By: bandswithgoats (8/29/2011 7:19:59 PM)


It looks like Majora's Mask possessed an Eldrazi this time.
That, and it's an Eldrazi that I can reliably run in a reanimator deck!
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (7/18/2012 9:40:14 PM)


Kazabet: It's the multiplayer version of the APNAP rule: the abilites go on the stack in turn order, and then of course resolve in reverse order. Once one resolves, the others can't apply anymore since it's no longer able to be found. In short, the player whose turn is farthest away gets to take the sacrificed permanent.
Posted By: Tanaka348 (4/17/2010 9:43:50 AM)


The name should be "It That Pi$$es Off Your Friends"
Posted By: NecroticNobody (9/7/2010 8:15:11 PM)


Combo with Annihialator and sacrifice effects and you can get as many lands and nonland permanents as you can have, I guess.
Posted By: ReturnToSender (4/16/2010 2:10:37 AM)


I have a few questions about this card.

1) When creatures are sacrificed and It That Betrays is out, do they actually hit the graveyard? Or does It That Betrays effect take place before they can?

2) Additionally, if someone clones an It That Betrays, or for that matter if someone plays another, who do the sacrificed permanents go to? I assumed that they'd go to the controller of the second It That Betrays that comes out.

Posted By: piplovey (8/6/2010 6:44:18 PM)


We are going to have nightmares about this thing.
Posted By: Sliver_Legion (7/27/2012 12:23:30 PM)


Combos with your opponents field.
Posted By: Syrtees (11/5/2013 9:16:42 AM)


Heh, I was playing with my friend. I had this and the hand of emrakul out. I hit him with both and he had several lands and anowan out. He decided to give up his lands and that ended it right there.
Posted By: Faust-The-Desolate (7/7/2010 9:42:34 PM)


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