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My favourite way of killing dudes with this kinda drawback is Elvish Herder. "Here, have some trample!"
Posted By: True_Mumin (4/26/2010 12:50:34 PM)


The sacrifice ability would go on the stack as soon as it is declared a target. Changing the target to something else will just cause the original spell to not be countered (if it only has one target, and that target is this guy, the spell fizzles)

From the rules on this card.
If Phantasmal Abomination becomes the target of a spell or ability, Phantasmal Abomination's ability triggers and goes on the stack on top of that spell or ability. Phantasmal Abomination's ability will resolve (causing it to be sacrificed) first.
Posted By: SIlverSkyz (7/9/2011 3:48:21 PM)


Well, the major downside would be that it also dies to abilities, so a simple pinger like spark mage, or anything that can target with an ability can get rid of it. Situational, but against the right deck it could be great.
Posted By: ratrase (4/17/2010 1:00:20 PM)


Someone used battle rampart to give this haste, killing it, other than that the card is good
Posted By: Eregis (4/17/2010 11:05:53 PM)


I'm just so torn, because it's blue, and a great target forMomentous Fall.
Posted By: Khias (4/29/2010 12:27:44 AM)


this has gotten slightly better with Lord of the Unreal coming in M2012...a 6/6 defender for 3 cm ain't bad at all for blue
Posted By: ajolt151 (7/18/2011 7:45:53 PM)


@pug3323 Redirecting the lightning bolt with an instant would cause Phantasmal Abomination to not be targeted and live, while he would take 3 damage.

Also, great card with Lord of the Unreal. After a few turns this guy becomes an 8/8 blocker.
Posted By: Gaffy00 (8/19/2011 3:51:59 PM)


Yeah I play Phantasmal Abomination. I like him, he bothers my opponents until they find a solution for him, and then it becomes food for my Molten-Tail Masticore. What more could I want?
Posted By: Rezzy64 (8/27/2011 2:12:03 PM)


The downside is that, opposed to other creatures, far more spells can become potential removal for it and abilities that might just require tapping can kill it as well, so this card might not even cause your opponent any card disadvantage to get rid of it.
But despite that i still think this card is slightly underrated.
A 5/5 defender for three mana might already do it's job after blocking once.
I'd have liked it more if it had flying, and i'll still play Guard Gomazoa over it any day,
but it might do a better job than Stoic Ephemera for instance.
Posted By: Mode (4/19/2010 8:26:43 AM)


Sure, it dies to Giant Growth and bounce effects, but if a player is going to target it, it's going to be removal anyway, so its downside is basically redundant.
Posted By: chrishocker (4/16/2010 8:25:30 AM)


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